Would a spirit/deity refuse to work with you based on the following?

If either of you disagree with the other on matters of belief.

If you favor an entity they feud with or do not agree with.

If you hang around people they don’t agree with.

If you study things they do not agree with.

A God doesn’t really concern themselves with the beliefs of others unless it’s to help the individual

Some might because any God or entity can be petty if they want to be, the Greek Gods are a prime example.

They may voice their issue but ultimately leave it to you to figure it out.

No ^


I once asked Michael if Lucifer would be offended if I worked with Yahweh and he said no, that Lucifer wanted me to grow


When I invoke Yahweh, the purpose is more utilitarian, as I don’t see a way to work the golden dawn system with out speaking names associated with him.

For example, I’m looking into the Egyptian pantheon, but frankly I feel like I relate to set. However I also relate to Thoth. Idk what they’re relationship is like.


Set and Thoth are family, with my experience with the two there’s no bad blood between them. The only bad blood that came was through Egyptian politics with the corruption of Osiris cult taking over.


Besides Osiris and Horus, who has bad blood with Set? It’s my interpretation that Set (representing primordial chaos) is seen as problematic to the whole pantheon?

Osiris and Horus don’t have bad blood with Set either. Before politics got involved with Egypt, Set played a major positive role in Egypt. He still does, but yes Set represents a small fraction of primordial chaos compared to Nunet and The Serpent Apophis who are primordial Gods whole Set is equivalent to the Greek Olympians.

The death of Osiris was a means of transformation for him, from a God of Sky to a God of death in which his son took his place.


Set is very honourable.


I love this demons thing, I mean, if somebody doesn’t like you, doesn’t vibe with you, you just don’t feel great about the whole thing, ah, forget it, go work with somebody else. It isn’t like you are stuck with one “god” you have to like or else go to hell. (although you can ask Astereth to take you there, but I highly do not recommend it.)

I have found entities aren’t petty like some sub-par excuses for human beings like that. That is why I enjoy their company.

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My tattos, i got 2 and its feel weird whit i invoqe, so i cover most of time, whit angels its get weird

I’ll speak from experience

I’m no longer Hindu and work with the Pantheon. Only the planetary Gods don’t like me lol.

I work with Jormugandr and Thor simultaneously. Same with Fenrir and Odin. It actually opened my mind up a lot.

Those people started vanishing and life became better. They dislike certain people for a reason.

Some Goddesses don’t like the rap I listen to lol so I guess that counts but they still work with me.

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I worked with both Osiris and Set in a medidation. They get on find but have different ways of carrying out things. I’m sure it’s similar with Thoth

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I am it really depends on the individual entity. Some will be fine working with people they don’t exactly see eye-to-eye with things on. Other entities might be more rigid in their particular views, and expectations of those they work with. Just like people.

Plus if your just petitioning an entity for something like money, or something else that doesn’t really require you guys to see eye to eye on things, then I don’t see it being a problem. So it probably also depends on what manner you are working with the entity. An example being having a serious relationship with an entity vs just doing a quick petition to said entity, whether or not that will be a one-time thing or not.

Excellent question. This can be a problem as the archdemonic hate lies. They probably will never understand how can a person truly dedicate his or her time on useless stuff. Some of them are really outraged then like Baal or Asmodeus. Deities are not so strict but probably they will guide you to get out of such a situation and find something suitable.

Well that sucks cause I actually own books on subjects of body language, deceit, and psychological warfare. I tend to think of these as good survival tools as the truth can cause problems. As being on the spectrum, I’ve gotten into a lot of trouble several times just because I couldn’t blend in and look normal. I actually thought that demons would actually applaud my interest in this field.

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This is awesome stuff and resonates a lot. You know in certain aspects the body responds positive and in other not and anyways body language, deceit and psychologycal warfare are important for anyone who works with lots of people and not only people. If you use dowsing in your energy work you can see that you can impress spirits through your emotions and body language too.

Well, again, the idea is to learn how to create a believable false image; to Lie! Which you said demons don’t like.

Well now is clear what for books you meant and not false doctrines and stuff. Psychologycal warfare is a science.

OKAY! That’s a different story. I thought you meant lies as in literal, that they don’t like people who deceive.

But if you’re talking about negative religious beliefs that people are manipulated into believing, then I have books on that too.

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