Would a love ritual affect someone from the virtual?

I met a girl thanks to a friend of mine, but from virtual, I got the result I didn’t want, Do you think ritual can be done to someone who is talking only on instagram or whatsapp?Someone who has never been spoken to face to face before, The reason I can’t go near her under these conditions is because our cities are far away and it is forbidden to go out of the city due to viruses.

There is a picture and I only know your name, Do you think a spell I will do affect?

Yes, you can affect someone over the internet.


That would be mostly everything you need, yes.


I’ve tried önce, And I used demon ammon, I hated me more, My dreams are so stupid and scary.

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So who should I call who is an expert on this subject.

Any entity that specialises in love or lust.


Do a jar first, then look enslavent spell here, plus obsession spell to call u. Its all here in forum.

Uhhh… I think the OP wants to put just a simple love spell on her not literal enslavment or obsession spell and these two spell are dangerous, as obsession doesn’t ends up well (you don’t want a yandere after you) and i would not recommand. Though i recommand jar.

Yes. I made a girl commit suicide and we only met a handful of times.

I don’t want to hurt anyone

I hope you regret not having to kill her just because you wanted someone…

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It was my intention.

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