Worn Sigil to Influence others

Can I use a sigil to influence others by wearing it in front of others? With this I won’t be firing the sigil, which makes me wonder if it would work. Do any of you have experience with something like this?

It depends on what kind of “sigil” you are talking about. Are you referring to a personal, Spare-style sigil, or a spirit seal?

When you say “fire the sigil,” it makes me think you are talking about a Spare style sigil, which works with your subconscious mind, and if that is so, then no, it will not influence others because it requires being embedded in the subconscious. What displaying it to others will do, though, is power it up to manifest its intention.

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Thank you for the response, very interesting. And yes I am talking about a Spare-style sigil. So with it being powered up, will that make it more powerful when I fire it, or will it begin to manifest it’s intention after being thoroughly powered up without the need to fire it?

It will begin to manifest when it is powered up. What happens is the people who look at the sigil are subconsciously imparting some energy to it, so, essentially, they are firing the sigil for you.

The more people who see the sigil, the faster it will manifest. In the heyday of Chaos Magick, it was pretty common for teenage Chaotes to tag sigils on buildings all over town so that every person who sees them would power it.