Works of light? Whaaaa

I dont know if such a question has been made before but i do it anyway in works of darkness there is a exercise where you call the darkness to you making it know that youre aware of it and have it at your command i performed it 2 times with success but by being more in the light side i banished after plus i felt really uncomfortable. So it is possible for someone to do it with light or even elements ??

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The darkness mediation in WoD is similar to the technique of pore breathing found in Hermetics, and it can be done with anything, like colours, elements, abstract concepts like abundance, etc.

EA also has a version with Light in his book Evoking Eternity called the Invocation of Omnipotence, where instead of becoming aware of the Darkness in your environment, you become aware of the Divine particles around you and breathe them in.


I check it thank you :slight_smile:


I didn’t read the book just seeing your post about the Divine particles made me just think of trying the concept I closed my eyes and see little white/blue like crystals all around me I tried to pull them in and nothing then I seen darkness move into me thought that’s cool I accept that but I would like both then the intended Divine particles moved into me and the darkness moved out. I wanted both pout. I would have thought it would have been light that didn’t want to work with darkness not the other way around. How common is it for people to be able to work with both? I know I’ve allready been reserved a place above but love all that will respect me and plan on leaving heaven for a while to be with other loved ones not able to go.