Works of darkness

Wich is the best time to realize the candle rituals and sigil demonic magic proposed in this book? Sorry for the question but I don’t have the book I only have a initiation in powers of darkness and a few candle rituals.

To realize? Or do you mean “to use”?

Timing is an interesting concept in magic. The typical western magic model is to base it off of the planetary attributes connected with certain days and hours. The basic would be Wax/Full/Wane moon and a planetary day of the week (Monday, Tuesday,etc.). The next step would be aligning it to a planetary hour, with the planet suited towards your goal. Next would be inclusion of the Moon or Sun signs (that is, when the sun or moon are in certain signs of the zodiac, usually the Moon, as it crosses the paths of all zodiac signs within the space of a single lunar month). Then you can add in when certain planets are in conjunction, sextile, etc. with each other. Then the position of certain asteroids and comets… It can go on and on and on. I usually just stick down to planetary hours, days, and the cycle of the Moon. Anything more gets too complex for me, as astrology is my weak suit.

Other traditions may have different ways of timing things, but usually it’s based off of astrological timing or the associations of certain days with an entity.

You could also just do it whenever. I prefer the moon phases and planetary stuff cuz I feel it aids my work, but you can do otherwise.

Thanks Euoi for the info…i used the planets for my works but I wanna know which is the best time (light time or night time) to perform the rituals

Unless certain spirits have time constraints (and yes, some do, but that actually seems like rarer than not), it’s whenever you feel it is most effective.

Personally, I tend to work a lot more at night than during the day, because I feel that some of my spirits (and my personal power) “peak” at that time. But I’ve become much more comfortable working during the daytime, especially with saints and ancestors.

Re: spirits & time, please don’t anyone take this as “the truth” but I’m thinking demons see cause and effect loops, and that they understand the cause > effect flow - otherwise they’d never be able to deal with linear time and causing things to happen for us.

I’m still experimenting with ways to use this so thought I’d share in case anyone else wants to play with it - I could be wrong but it seems possible.

My copy of WoD is at my sweetie’s place at the moment so I can’t help with the OP, sorry, and there’s nothing in my notes about timing, probably because like Euoi I use planetary hours or choose whatever time I feel is right.

If you’re working with rituals from WoD you should do them at night. Koetting doesn’t mention anything about planetary hours being necessary in order to use this book so I wouldn’t worry about it if you’re going to work with WoD. If you don’t have a copy of this work and can’t get one for some reason or another you should pick up or order a copy of Nocturnicon by Konstantinos. It pretty much has the same exercises in it that you’re missing from WoD.

Also if you’re doing the initiation ritual you want to fill yourself up with negative energy (the darkness that surrounds you) before you say anything and seal the darkness into the Sigil of Baphomet. I’m sure you can turn up plenty if you search sigil magick on this forum because you’re going to need to know how to open sigils to do this ritual.

Another question…it’s necessary use candles in the sigil magic like says in the book? I don’t have them but I wanna do the ritual today.

I think avoiding things, ignoring things, being stagnant, and thinking a lot of things un thought of usually, or nothing at all, avoiding certain kinds of interactions, speaking when not spoken to, arriving at places unexpectably, blowing things out before they’ve even started, using the wrong color and doing things ASAP, are the best ways to get results. not necessarily the expected, do we even remember what this was all for?

also, candles are available everywhere. check Goodwill donation stores. or implore emergency procedures: crayons or those dusty b day candles you always forget to make wishes on