Workplace curse

So I’m going to continue to document this entire curse. The preparation all the way to the ritual and mere thoughts.

Also I have this on a different category cause the point of this thread was I was hoping to create a space where people can learn from here as well. There will be all sorts of packed useful information in here. If it’s not in the right category though then so be it it must be changed then😁

I still currently work at this gym and with the violence I am going to smother the gym with I don’t want to be there so I’m leaving in a few weeks. Yes I could put protection and bindings up but it’ll be so much chaos and hell I just don’t want to be around it.

My goals: and I have the spirits for this. Some of them thanks to a few answering my past threads.

  • destroy any force. Person. Or sorcerer keeping me from cursing the gym. I picked ismaelta from the kingdom of flames for this.

  • mechanical failures for computers. TV’s. Massage chairs And powered gym machines. Bring thunder and lightning storms to the gym (the surrounding area ofc since it’s nature. Might help open a few more doors of opportunity for injury ) I chose furfur from the Goetia for this.

  • set fires to the women and men’s sauna without actually causing casualties. I chose aim for this.

  • spread disease throughout the gym without slaying anyone. I chose marbas for this.

  • cause disputes between employees, members, managers and corporate. I chose hekaltor from the kingdom of flames for this.

  • to compel members in the gym including employees to constantly steal merchandise. I chose to work with Valefor for this.

  • last one so someone who worked night shift here I can conclude you’re the only one for 8 hours. All the druggies and homeless people and weird people wonder around and occasionally come in so I’ll ask Glasya-labolas to compel people to physically harm the night shift people.

  • to cause multiple members and employees to hurt themselves and get injured from accidents and such in the gym - zahgurim

Your morals may not agree with any of the above. But I thought it out. And these people deserve it all. I still have yet to research some of these entities but I thought I’d make this thread in the very beginning stages of orchestrating this curse.

So If you suggest any changes to be made in regards to the entities chosen feel free to comment your suggestions down below🤓

I am assuming with these entities multiple chain of events will happen.

My theory is all of this will cause people to stop coming, inventory issues. Law suits. People getting fired. Damage repairs. People quitting cause they can’t handle the madness anymore. All slowly causing the business to come crashing down until the doors have a pad lock on them for good. ( out of business )

I will document anything I learn as well in my immersion phases learning more about these spirits. Should also prove helpful to people reading this.

But I hope you guys enjoy. And I will do my best to keep up with this thread. I may not be able to document a ritual right after the ritual though or something like that. So posts won’t be consistent like every single day. I have a mundane life as well lol. But thanks for reading! And I feel very. Very. Very bad for this business but they all deserve it as I said.


I forgot to add. I expect with the things I want done. That this curse will not be over night. Or next year. Idk. I made a thread about a curse I made a while back and she didn’t drop until like 2 years later. Yet there was another one I did he dropped an hour later. Funny how things work.

maybe you should move to another place if everyone there gets on your nerves :joy:

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I tried flagging this and nothing happened so I’m just going to respectfully reply. Maybe you should read again cause I said I was leaving anyway. Lol.

I may have flagged your little comment for the wrong reason and I wouldn’t have replied to this or it was in fact just ignored for some strange reason but I’ll do what I want that’s the funny thing. Enough said.