Working with Zepar

In Goetia Zepar is described as the demon who cause women to love men but it also says that he makes women barren? That seems strange to me. He is a fertility demon, so should he not be able to do the opposite? To make women fertile?
Anyone here who have some experience with Zepar who will share something?

I have heard whatever an entity is capable of doing, he can do the exact opposite. Also, did you read it somewhere specifically that, zepar is not able to make women fertile?

If I know how to build a wall, the whole process of construction, I therefore know the weak and strong points of the wall, making it easy to demolish anytime I need to.

Makes sense? Same with your question about barren females.

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Not sure if a woman loving a man and a woman being barren are opposites. Zepar is a master of pulling strings and manipulating women. I’ve always gotten a misogynistic vibe from him…weather this is accurate or not- I know not. Just my experience.

However- I am quite sure (from experience) that he’s intense…so intense that what manifests usually cannot be sustained. That’s why another one of his specialties is the 1 night stand.

Good luck!

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It’s not written that he is unable to make women fertile. He just says that he makes them barren. Of course I may misunderstand that if he can make women barren then it must mean he also can make them fertile?