Working with Zahgurim

I have been working with the Necronomicon spirit Zahgurim lately, following the Baneful Magick protocol. I have however asked myself why his name or activation word is not said out aloud in the ritual (consecration of his sigil) (maybe it is too dangerous?) so I have thought about him, spoken with him in my mind, and have probingly whispered his name at times and every time he has always been there immediately. I see him as a 10 ft high 2 ft wide pillar of black smoke. In my door opening first, then on me as tendrils of black wandering smoke. Lingering a bit more than I really like. I do not like it when the smoke penetrates my forehead - gets warm and I doubt the healthyness of it. But he leaves as I send him off again to the mission I originally gave him.

However today as my mind yet again meandered to him, he showed me himself (as the usual pillar of black smoke) and me as a very strong knight in very strong armor. The armor also felt kind of colorful (even though mostly black metal) just like I did when I returned to the dark side a while ago and just drew darkness into myself. So I guess I asking whether someone has ever worked with this entity. Personally, I am very hesitant to it, because of his reputation.

I share this also as this spirit is someone that there is not so much written about - even here, so please, share your thoughts and experiences.

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Uh oh, considering how synchronicities work…

  1. I work with Zahgurim and ask about him here
    2.I just started reading Shadownomicon and it says Nyarlahotep, another Necronomicon spirit, might be of the Shadow people.
  2. I have seen Zahgurim as a “pillar of black smoke”

Sigh, does this mean Zahgurim is of the Shadow people? And I who was only planning to read about the Shadownomicon writer Thorne´s background mostly and stay far away from any rituals. Do NOT want to get too acquainted with those guys… :cold_face:

So I just read in Shadownomicon that the shadow people (at least some) are now part of Legion. And guess which show I have been binging for a while. You guessed it - Legion.
Dark synchronicities gathering…

I hope this is not like the last letter in a Lovecraft story:
“Dear friend, this might be my last letter to you. I feel them getting closer every night now.”
Two weeks later the good friend reads in the paper that his pen pal had suddenly died. The local doctor said he had died from what could only be described as absolute horror, judging from the expression of terror on his face.