Working with the Orishas as a beginner

Is it safe to work with an Orisha without being initiated?? I heard tht the Orisha cn become irritated and bring bad luck if you arent initiated and / or dont hv the appropriate offerings.

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That’s really up to the particular Orisha. The spirits choose who they will, but the religions built around them are generally closed practices.

A case in point is the Lwa of Voudon. There are many, myself included, who have been approached directly by the spirits themselves to work with them, but I would never claim to practice Voodoo, or call myself a Hougun because I’m not. I’ve never been initiated into the required practices.

Yes it’s fine. Ifá/Santería is a Right Hand Path and the orishas are essentially elemental deities which are ultimately benevolent and much more forgiving as they are cooler spirits. It’s not like other traditions where certain entities kill for the slightest infractions. The orishas are generally fairly accepting in my experience as well. This doesn’t mean you can initiate yourself or command them as western egos always seem to think, but if you are sincere and have good reason for connecting with them beyond superficial interest they aren’t going to strike you down with lightning. Worst case scenario with the Orishas is a streak of bad luck for failing to follow their advice or them going radio silent and leaving because they were not approached correctly. What leads you to feel that you are meant to walk with Orishas in this life?