Working with the first qlipa Lilith (Nahemoth)

I am now started to work with Lilith Qlipa. My initiatric rite wasn’t that good tough.
I am now meditating on the Qlipa using Thomas Karlsson’s Mantra. I am also planning to meditate on lilith using GA Rosenberg’s art hoping to have a meditative journey (Though my clairvoyance skills are fucked up as well as my chakras)

What else should I do to make a solid contact with the Qlipa and master that Sphere? Any advices or suggestions?


Do you close your eyes or use a blindfold when trying the meditative journey?


I closed my eyes and visualized the sigil while chanting the mantra from karlssons book. I felt strong energetic presence within and without me but I didn’t had any intense visions while meditating.


Ok, Your problem might be your being to much of a passive observer in this and may need to add a bit more structure at the start, also why i asked if you used a blindfold, many people get to distracted between the internal vs external so it’s better to just ignore the outside entirely and focus all your attention inwardly.

So try after you begin chanting visualize a cave, go in and follow it deeper and deeper down and at the bottom of it Naamah is waiting for you. Having something like that as a basic guide can really be helpful for initiating meditative journeys.

It’s basically a technique found in core shamanism and but can be adapted to the qliphoth easily (any spiritual path really) if you need more details on it you can ask @Lady_Eva for a tutorial.


Hey You!

I know Karlsson very well in person and was a member of the Dragon Rouge a few years ago before I decided to get out. The initiation of Lilith is following some processes to get closer contact with her before you get initiated. Do you work with the order system btw the magical course of it? Did you work with Namaah before? Normally you start with the magical basics until you summon Lilith. I don’t know how far you are

Which Mantra do you use for it? Normally you start to open the qliphotic gates and after that you use the qliphotic, draconian mantra to summon Lilith. And than you have to close everything again. This is also rough written at his book qabbala, qliphoth and draconic magic. I can not post the detailed mantras here and won’t because it would hurt the copyright of his book and the intern order.

Why don’t you contact Thomas or the Dragon Rouge personal for proper informations? The guys are very kind and helpful.

And in addition to that, please kindly do Kundalini, its important for magical workings like that! If your Chakras are fucked up, work on it. There is no easy way, you have to do very much on yourself before you can expect great results. Step by step :slight_smile:

Did you astral travel to Nahemoth aswell?