Working With The Dark Goddess Kali

I have heard things like this before. Maybe I am just evoking the right Kali.
Maybe I just also spent a fair bit of time building up a relationship before officially evoking her.
One thing I find interesting about her is she has been like: “Oh is that demon bugging you? GRRRRR”
“Oh are you and that demon getting along? Okay then.”
But also…
“Oh are you and that angel getting along? Okay then.”
“Oh is that angel bugging you? GRRRRR”
That is what I have experienced anyways.

And thanks for the extra mantras @Trimorphis


Is it possible to get out of your order once you have joined?

Do you use a circle for kali?

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Lol! Its great she is so motherly !

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No, I guess I have been clumsy lately.
I just realized there are two or more types of circles.
There is the salt circle, which I do for certain rituals.
The idea is with this it keeps other spirits that are unwanted from coming in.
What is the idea behind the chalk circles or the other forms of circles?

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Hindus mostly chant with prayer beads that as far as i know doesnot need circle or should circle be used for even that too

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Kali is great when its come to clearing ur blocks in you path and leads to success as you walk this path (best to destroy ur enemy with no mercy) one thing to be noted you will start getting too much of rage ur tolerance will get low
its the live experience that i had seen


I dunno but what you said here sounds right.

Has worked fine for me thus far

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Hindus don’t always chant with malas.

Kali is everything. She is a loving mother, and she is the mama bear who will rip your throat out. She is boundless love and the warrior who will slay your negative cycles of thinking before the thoughts are able to take root as she slew the demon rakhtabija.


The Rosicrucian order?

Yes. You just cancel. I found them silly so I quit.

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Welcome @NajmaAlTajul. Please introduce yourself in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and any experience in magick you may have. It is a rule of this forum.

So what secret knowledge do they give. If ur not under oath can you please share with us a little bit

To be honest a lot of it is very new-agey and it just reeks of…bull.

When it comes to secret knowledge there are other groups I prefer. Like OAS and to a lesser degree BOTA.

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I hear you have to make vows that fuck you over potentially in these orders.
I had a wild experience and now I think I maybe black brothered, where my magick is slowly turning against me and I think I may be damned, If I had made these vows I don’t think they are in my best interest and arguably not for the universe at large, I am sort of trying to take things slow now an weigh my options, could I just leave and cancel my vows, even in the worst case scenario?

I mean I literally just deactivated my account for the Rosicrucians and another one because it seemed like such utter bullshit. I really like Ordo Aurum Solis, though…so I will stick with them for a bit.

No, I don’t. I just recite the mantras and give an offering.

I really enjoyed reading your experiences. I worked with kali as my very first dark goddess and for me she was such a powerful force. Her power and presence was so large it engulfed the house entirely - and then some. Her fire was like nothing I had ever felt, a deeply passionate, so carefree and also bloodthirsty. I found her really rewarding to work with, she helped me to learn the importance of self respect and helped me to understand the power of my voice. So very grateful for that. At the time it was like water after being in the desert. I hope you have some useful experiences too! I’ve never used mantras, do you recommend them?


The Enn is same like beeja ! The beeja of Maha Kali is kreem and Kreeng. ee is always spoken iiiiiiii. Mantra: Om kreem maha Kalikaye namaha ! Or Om kreeng Maha Kalikaye namaha.

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Yes, I recommend mantras. They’re great for focus, for me.

Yes, system kali works outside of, what you would call matrix, these “posessions” and “tests” are regular, when “working” with her.

mantras are in my opinion mostly to your physical being to learn new breathing and vibration routes, to your body, not to get affection of black goddess

i have done few rituals with kali, but working with actual godforms is kinda rare and hard in this current grey state of planet earth, but your are noticed nevertheless, keep studying and practicing