Working With The Dark Goddess Kali

Hello, all! This will be a thread where I track my progress with the Hindu goddess Kali.

Well, to start off with- I’m an ambivert who leans towards introversion. Also; I can be a bit off a push over sometimes.

I recited 3 Kali mantras 1x. Afterwards; I noticed that throughout my day the next day I was more outspoken and assertive than I normally would be. Someone I knew but stopped talking to saw me, and as I had forgotten why I had stopped speaking to this person; I then decided to go back to their place.

Now, throughout- I had a feeling that this was a test from goddess Kali and that I should ignore them. Well. She was right as they turned out to be a huge waste of my time and they did all the things that I remember disliking them for!

Will Kali still be open to working with me even though I failed her test? And has anyone else worked with Kali? If so, what was your experience? Your input is welcome!


Laying on my bed right now, and for the past 5 minutes I’ve been perceiving a minty smell in my room. (There’s nothing in here to give it that smell.)

I recited 3 Kali mantras 7x. I think this smell is confirmation that she’s willing to work with me despite me failing her test.

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Kali won’t shun you for you for something as trivial as that. Just keep doing what you are doing, and keep honoring and respecting her and you’ll be fine :slight_smile:

I prayed to Kali (along a few other goddesses) and only after two days I somehow unconsciously changed my attitude and demeanor. It’s kinda freaky really…

Mind if I ask, what mantras are you using? :slight_smile:


Hey OP! Don’t worry about Kali’s continuation in your reality tunnel- does a ‘culture hero’ just leave when a kid waddles up to them and says he failed a random test? Or does the hero get a kick out of the kid taking responsibility for themselves?

She’s not a schoolteacher! She is a Glory.

If you made contact, you’re probably not going to be able to stop it. :slight_smile:


Hey can you pm me the Kali mantras please?

I’d also like to know those Mantras…


I’m using the book by Baal Kadmon called “Kali Mantra Magick”. I recite the last two to gain her favour 7 repetitions 1x for each Mantra. And then one remaining Mantra that I do; I choose 1 out of the remaining 8 that are in the book. Another thing. I was meant to get paid next week Monday. But today, I got a text that I had gotten paid! I get paid every week as a standard. I really needed that money because my lights cut out today (in the UK we have a pay as you go option. I had thinned my finances out). And I think Kali had something to do with it!


Haha! Hey Qayos! Very, very true. Thank you! I shall keep that in mind and continue working with her. :blush:

@mirama I generally dont suggest newbies to start work with Fire. Kali is actually a wrath of Goddess Parvathy (((Consort of Lord Shiva))…Who is parvathy…Parvathy is incarnation of Goddess Sathi…Kali is wrath of Mother goddess to kill evil…While u invoke Kali, u are invoking her wrath form…And while u attract that form, u should be very pure if not the negative aspect of yours could get burn’t suddenly…Any drastic change will obviously hurt u mentally…Always start with her peaceful form “Parvathy” not “Kali”…Simultaneously u should work with Lord Shiva and Ganesh…Kali’s response is sudden, so u should be very careful…However if u have experience with Kali then thats ur choice…


I’m not a newbie. I’ve been in the Rosicrucian order for a number of years now and I’ve read and practiced magic since I was under 10. Thank you for your suggestions.


Add me to the list!!! thanx

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Thank you @mirama! I think I have it in my kindle library gathering dust. Will check it out now!

And congrats on the early payment of your salary. Stuff like that is awesome when they happen :slight_smile:

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No problem. Yes, it was great for me.

So today I had a strong call from Kali.

So I recited her mantras; and also when I was lying down I was guided to do an offering. I wanted to do it after I watched something and Kali crashed the app. Needless to say I gave her her offering PRONTO. :sweat_smile:

Also; I had been thinking about someone and all sorts of paranoid thoughts kept creeping into my head.

Well; immediately after my mantra recitation the person messaged me and I was made to know that they were okay.

All in all; a good working.

Be careful, Kali Ma is very powerful goddess,with many masks, and working with her, implies a deep change in the life. So, bee prepared for things such as that to happen when you use Kali mantras.

Place the picture of statue of Kali in front of you. Light it black or red candle and light the incense


"Kali, Kali-Ma, Kalika, Kali”

"Om Kreem Kali"

"Om Kali, Kali! Om Kali, Kali!Namostute, namostute, namo!Namostute, namostute, namo!
Ananda Ma Ananda Ma Kali, Ananda Ma Ananda Ma Kali Ananda Ma Ananda Ma Kali Om Kali Ma!"


Yes, I am ready for changes. I appreciate your input; and I use the last Mantra you put as a devotional Mantra.



I’ve been doing the Kali mantras, not consistently- but at least 2x per week.

I lost my purse, and then 15-25 minutes after I realized I had lost it- the police showed up at my door with it! I’m attributing this to Kali and Lucifer… Mostly Kali. I didn’t recite any enns or mantras to get this result after I realized I had lost my purse. I was too busy worried. But I’m EXTREMELY happy! I had my ID in there, and renewing it is a pain. :sweat_smile:


Ur saying 7 mantras 1x. What does that mean. Are using prayer beads?

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@anon71542185 @DjangoDerDude @Frater_Dark_Matter
I don’t have the book myself but I would watch and or listen to this and other videos for months before evoking her.

I have some Mali beads, there is supposed to be 108, but mine is more like 130.
I would stair into my Kali statue intently while reciting the mantra here.
I have also placed a bit of my own blood on the statue and if it touched a part of her clothing or what ever it did nothing for me but if I got it to touch her hand I felt a wave.
But the blood thing is probably not necessary. lol I don’t do it everytime.

She seems to want me to be able to do this while not breaking focus for a split second,
I haven’t yet done it.

I have also evoked Krisna and his wife Radha with the following Beeja’s (A type of mantra that is better for Hindu evocation)

Radha: “OM Raadhaaya Namah”
Krishna: OM Krim Krsnaya Namah"

I am really wanting to do an evocation for Mohini Murti. I want to experience a full on possession by Mohini Murti. But I have not yet found a beeja, I tried something like “Om Krim Mohini Murti Namah”
and it did maybe something but almost nothing.

I have a mantra for Mohini Murti that I do feel is building a connection but I would like a deeper one.
So if anyone has a way to have deeper contact with Mohini Murti, lemme know.


I have heard things like this before. Maybe I am just evoking the right Kali.
Maybe I just also spent a fair bit of time building up a relationship before officially evoking her.
One thing I find interesting about her is she has been like: “Oh is that demon bugging you? GRRRRR”
“Oh are you and that demon getting along? Okay then.”
But also…
“Oh are you and that angel getting along? Okay then.”
“Oh is that angel bugging you? GRRRRR”
That is what I have experienced anyways.

And thanks for the extra mantras @Trimorphis