Working with The Book Of Azazel

After doing a lot of meditation and third eye workings I am now feeling ready to give evocation another go :grinning:

I am planning to work with The Book Of Azazel Evoking the Demon Lords listed there.

I have worked with that grimorie for some time before. But not so much

Anybody worked with this grimorie? Any advises for me how I should approach the evocation to get successful results?

Thanks :slight_smile:

The book itself has a summoning rite for Azazel and the Nethers. My advice would be to use that approach. It’s simple and doesn’t require anything to dress it up.


Ok, I didn’t have black candles with me so I just lighted a white candle in the room and draw the circle of pacts on the floor with a chalk.
Then I called the entity. This time I saw a white fog building and my body felt heavy and I was having a chilly feeling.
No intense feeling of something there sadly. Other then the white fog nothing was visible. I had a vague figure formed into mind.

I issued my task anyway. Would you say it was a successful evocation? I used to get drawn deep into the rings of reality a year back…

Sounds like it was successful to me, but what do you mean you saw a white fog building? Were you scrying into a mirror?

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No, on the whole room. First as I was gazing at the sigil the sigil itself started to disapear and as I moved my eyes up in front of me the whole room was filled with that white fog.


That’s cool :slight_smile:

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Thanks. So you think I have a chance of success? Really desperate here :slight_smile:

It’s hard to say. You can only wait and see if your request comes through but there is always a chance.

One thing to be wary of though, is not to confuse phenomena with success. You can have a successful result and not see or hear the spirit, and you can have all the experiences of voices and visions and not have a result at all.


Hope it works. Anyways Thanks for your time man. I appreciate it :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome :slight_smile:

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I had a question, as I am reviewing the Book of Azazel…I’m still new to the LHP. These are a few notes I’ve taken in regards to Azazel’s Demons. Excuse the spellings.

Is it better to summon the individual Demons—depending on what I want? Or is better to just summons Azazel and tell him what I want, and then let him delegate the assignments??

Azazel has 3 houses of demons:

  1. Anatel— The foot soldiers, which are the movers in the shakers of the infernal empire. Demonic warlords.

  2. Retztal—These are the priest within the daemonic legions. The demonic sorcerers. Rule from the heavens all the way down through the cracks of the Abyss.

  3. Malcash—these are the informers of info. They are Azazels spies. They are the ears and the shadows in the walls.

Each legion is composed of demons from each house, although there is no exact ratio. There are fewer Retztal demons, but these few are powerful beyond measure.

The house of Anatel—Fortash…Seven feet tall. He has the power to overthrow your enemies, formed or unformed. He removes obstacles from your life, but all I need to do is write them down. They can be self obstacles as well. once these words are written down, meditate upon them and visualize my life without these obstacles. Then burn the paper after naming the obstacles outloud. Ask that Fortash remove the obstacles. He will also aid in magnifying my imagination.

Salasash—can bring money to me quickly.

Lord Qtain is a duke commanding 2,000 demons underneath him. He is an influencer. He will surround the target and implant any idea. Write on the ground in dirt or sprinkled flour the name of person i wish to influence.


You can call the Nethers without calling upon Azazel. In my opinion, Azazel is more concerned with the bigger picture of spiritual progression, and the minutia of material wants are easier handled by each individual demon (it’s not that Azazel can’t do the work, it’s more like it’s just simpler to go to the supervisor when you need something done, than upper management).

Even in the Azazel Compendium, EA said that the majority of what he received came from Ant’harratu, rather than Azazel himself.


What’s the Nethers?

The Nethers are the Lords under Azazel. It says so right in the book.


Is the BofA the only place I can get more info on Fortash? I only found one other blog on the internet, but I think it probably got that info from the book. I’m just looking for a little more validation before I start trying to evoke him. Thanks

Yes, information on the Nether Lords of Azazel is only available in the Book of Azazel. They have never been published before that book so you won’t find anything else on them.


Can I simply use the demon lord’s sigils with EA’s method for sigil rituals (a simple ritual listed elsewhere) ?

I am not interested nor need to evoke entities

Yes, you can use the seals with EA’s method.

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:star_struck: thank you

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