Working with the 7 Olympian Spirits

Day 1 has passed now and I feel great! I worked with Lord Phaleg today as it is Tuesday-the day of Mars and what I was shown will help me tremendously. A quick run-down of what I have done

  • Listening to binaural beats to help enter the rapture state

  • Drawing his sigil and meditating on it

  • calling upon his name and asking him to come

Phaleg: I am here what do you ask of me

I looked at his sigil again

Phaleg: why do you look at my sigil again when you know I am here?

Me: I am sorry Phaleg

and we had a one on one for a long time. Unfortunately, he has told me not to tell what I have learnt from him but this is a new start for me



I have finished working with Ophiel as it is the hour and day of Mercury for me now. Needless to say, I have much I need to learn.

M: Ophiel, what does your name mean

Ophiel: It means…the alchemy of god, I can teach you how to transfigure your own reality from the transmundane. Is it that which you seek my lord?

M: Yes

Ophiel: Then drink from the scrying water that I have embued my energy into, you will find that which you seek.

M: Ophiel, what does it mean to be an Olympian Spirit?

Ophiel: It means…we originate from Greece, not serving under the hellenistic gods but of god and his empire.

I didn’t say anything at this point, just meditating

Ophiel: You seek answers to questions you already know the answer to. Your enemy is not your enemy nor your ally.

As I drank the scrying water, I realised it didn’t taste of water, it tasted of alcohol and metallic

M: Ophiel, this isn’t water anymore is it? What have you turned it into?

Ophiel: You know the answer to that already. Come to me every day of mercury in the hour of mercury.

That is when we parted ways and in fact yes, I know that which it was. I had drank the elixir of life!


Which grimoire did you use?

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I think “Arbatel of Magick” by Robert Turner (english version).