Working with the 1586 Necronomicon

(My word of Power! Hah!)

Hang on, I don’t understand. the word of power was HAH?


i forgot what it was like to gatewalk, it has been so long

you’re doing the right thing. don’t be thrown off by that.

i remember the last gatewalking i did almost 10 years ago. i was looking for a word of power as well, and i saw a hand write it on a wall, and as soon as it was written, it tried to erase the word. i had to HOLD the hand in place so i could read the word. when i got up, i remembered the hand almost looking like one of the fingers writing on the greater key of solomon sigils. it looked exactly like that. so things are going to move around and you just have to go through with it.

you see some crazy shit go on when you do the nec system. thanks for reminding me

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[quote=“Milla, post:41, topic:5066”](My word of Power! Hah!)

Hang on, I don’t understand. the word of power was HAH?[/quote]

No, Milla, the word of Power was not “Hah”. I was merely expressing my excitement that I had realized my word of Power.

I am not mentioning any of the words of Power that I have received in this pathworking. This is deliberate, as I do not believe that the words given to me are necessarily the words that you or somebody else may be given. I also would be doing everyone who reads this thread a great disservice if I were to write the words I have received, since a very significant part of the pathworking is to achieve getting the words of Power.

Sorry for the misunderstanding.


Yes, you’re right. I believe all those words of power are personalised for each individual that works the Gates. They could only be useful to you.


I just evoked Azathoth for the first time. That is one strange cat.

He remained right behind me the entire time. I was surprised at how normal his voice sounded to me, and I told him as much. I said that I was expecting something much more gruesome and aweful, to which he responded by changing his size, appearance, and voice several times in the span of about one second. He said that sure, he could appear as “this” (insert that one, warped second), but what for? It was so much more convenient to appear in a form that I could understand.

We spoke for a few minutes, and after telling him why I called on him and asking him some questions (none of which he really answered), I asked him why anyone would call on him. I asked, “With respect, what would be the point?” since he wasn’t answering any of my questions and it seemed clear that he was more interested in random banter for his own amusement. I would say or ask something, and he would play with just a few of the words to take the conversation in a completely different direction

It took me a short time to realize that by doing this, he was actually freeing up the way I think. As I relaxed a bit and accepted the seeming randomness of what he was saying, it dawned on me that he was introducing me (just a little bit) to a freedom that I had not known before. Some deep fears were disappearing by the second. He wasn’t curing me of anything, exactly; he was releasing my need to put structure to, and understand, everything.

This is very hard to type this entry, by the way, since my mind is currently moving in random directions. Not sure how much sense this is gonna make when I read it tomorrow.


Well, this looks to be my final entry on this thread… at least for awhile.

I worked with Lucifuge Rofocale for a relatively brief (but pretty intense) time this past year, and it would seem that he has taken quite an interest in me and my magical development. As it turns out, he was the one who guided me to open the 9 Gates. Now that I have, I am being guided to go in another direction of black magical study that builds on my experiences with the 9 Gates.

To everyone who took interest in reading my posts through this (chapter of) experience with the 1586 Necronomicon, thank you for your interest, interaction and encouragement. I greatly appreciate it!

Keep walking your path, and I will keep walking mine!


I think I’m speaking for a lot of people when I say this has been an absolute privilege to read, thank you VERY much for sharing it! :slight_smile:


I had to write one last post, about an experience I had today.

I have practiced charging my chakras by chanting the demonic enn that corresponded to each chakra when I opened the 9 Gates. I have been chanting each enn 9 times, starting with the chakra below the feet (aligning with the 9th Gate). It took some time working on myself before I realized that Lucifuge Rofocale actually correlates with this Gate/chakra… at least for me.

Today, I was inspired to perform the same practice, but start with the crown chakra and work my way down. Something was also urging me to come back to the heart chakra (there is actually a secondary heart chakra) and chant Beelzebuth’s enn.

As I did it, it was amazingly powerful! Far more so than I had experienced going in the other direction (I had been a little bit disappointed with the energy charge going from bottom to top). With almost every chakra, I experienced an all-too-familiar spasming of random body parts and unintentional muscle clenching, accompanied by localize shaking and chills. I say “all-too-familiar” because I have experienced this many times in the past, when invoking a demonic energy or entity.

After I complete all demonic enns, top-to-bottom, I recited Beelzebuth’s enn in my second heart chakra. Now, I have evoked Beelzebuth a handful of times before, but, for reasons that never made sense to me, I just never felt a very strong connection to him. He has always been exceedingly helpful and polite (and a very sharp dresser!), and I have felt compelled to come back to him. But when he shows up, there has seemed to be a bit of a weak connection; I have felt, heard, and seen him, but I haven’t felt a strong, powerful presence like I do with other powerful demons.

I had the same experience today, with him and my second heart chakra. It just didn’t make any sense to me, especially after the rest of the practice had been off-the-charts powerful.

And then I heard a whisper: Baal Zebul.

Baal Zebul literally translates to “Lord of the Manor” or “Lord of the House”, and this is another variation of Beelzebuth’s name (along with Beelzebub, which I don’t care for). So I gave it another round of chanting his enn, but using Baal Zebul… and HOLY FUCKING SHIT, BATMAN!!! Yep, that did it!

I felt a surge of energy expand from my chest cavity, down my arms, and into my hands. I felt physically cool inside my body, and roasting-hot on the surface of my skin. I got random chills, twitches (and all the other stuff I listed above)… and it kept going, off and on, for over an hour after that!

By the way, my interpretation of the significance of those physical effects on my body is that each demonic entity is aligning me with their energy. I imagine it is an experience that would scare the living shit out of most people, but I have always gotten a thrill out of it. :slight_smile:

So to recap, the enns, from top to bottom, (starting with the crown chakra) are:

Tasa reme laris Satan, Ave Satanas
Renich tasa uberaca biasa icar Lucifer
Tasa alora foren Astaroth
Ayer secore on ca Baal
Elan reya Amaymon
Es na ayer Apollyon (or Abaddon) avage
Eya on ca Azazel aken
Lirach tasa vefa wehlc Belial
Eyan tasa valocur Lucifuge Rofocale
(then back up to the second heart chakra, for…)
Aday vocar avage Baal Zebul

I have found that this works spectacularly for me, but I would advise anyone who is interested in taking this for a test drive to use a bit of wisdom; they may or may not work for you in the same way. You might find that a certain demon’s energy clashes with yours, or at least with a particular chakra, but that another fits like a glove.

(sigh) Okay. Now… I think I am done. Dark blessings to all of you!


Teach me to get in touch with marduk’s names … Tell me how you did …

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I got the names and descriptions from the Simon Necronomicon.


Did you use everything as it is there? Because I found it a bit confusing …

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No, I didn’t follow any ritual instructions. I simply faced North and chanted the demonic enn for entities who reside in the North, and inserted the Name of Marduk that I wanted to work with.

Lirach tasa vefa wehlc (insert name)

Try that and let me know how that works for you. Dark blessings.


Is it necessary to ascend or open the Ladder of Lights and gained entrance to the
Sacred City and the rest of the gates before summoning the fifty names??

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I wonder if there is an angelic version of this…!


No, It is not necessary to ascend before summoning the fifty names… They can be worked independently… I have done so…

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Deep? It means a lot of things, is a very broad term

It’s 5 1/2 years later and I’m about to do this pathworking again… with a few adjustments.

Cutting right to the chase, I’ll be walking the Gate of Nanna, the moon god, tonight. I’ll detail my experience later tonight or tomorrow.


Any particular reason for the repeat?

Do you think it will lead to more growth the second time around?

I’m at a different place in my life and within myself than I was five years ago. There are things that I couldn’t learn back then because I wasn’t open to it.

In any case, it has been awhile since I have worked with these gods and goddesses and it feels right to return to working with them in this way.


Cool. I look forward to reading about the new adventures :slight_smile: