Working with Spirits & Demons on the Astral Plane

I primarily work with spirits and demons during astral travel and soul travel at night before bed. I mostly do this because I have a hard time during the waking hours because my ADHD makes it harder to get into the right state of mind because I’m more likely to get easily distracted. It’s easier for me when I’m starting to get tired. I also use various entheogenic flying ointments to enhance the experience as well.

I started working with Lilith in the astral realm which has been amazing. I was an atheist/agnostic for decades so coming to work with spirits however you define them didn’t initially come easy to me. I was very hesitant to embrace it. Now, I’m loving working with Lilith and am starting to work with Lucifer and Belial.

I’m not sure i have any specific questions though I wish they made BALG universal circle bedsheets lol… I’m have too many joint issues to sprawl on my hardwood floors.

I guess I’m just curious as to others experiences working with demons etc. during astral and soul travel.


I’ve only been to the astral a couple of times. I used to be able to do it quite often like a month ago but now I’m finding it really hard trying to get into it. I have evoked Lucifer, King Paimon, Mepsitahl, Sastan, King Paralda and a couple more to help me with it. I’m doing daily scrying by looking into a flame and having a incense going.

The first time I went to the astral it was quite trippy. I can’t remember everything that happened but I remember when I got in I was in a menu screen. It looked like the Fortnite login screen lol. I remember like trying to select something. I saw a dog in the screen? Quite weird. I also remember saying to myself “ah crap I wonder how time works here.” I got a bit worried so with all the energy I had in me I shot myself back into my room. But when I woke up I was in my room but it on the bed it had my old primary school hat on my bed. I had my eye patches on because I have ADHD like you and I have light that comes in and my mind doesn’t sleep well without it being pitch black. Anyway I looked over at my desk and I saw my eyepatches waving at me. It was speaking to me but I didn’t understand it? I was then like “alright imma head out” and shot myself back into my body.

That was basically it. I believe the eyepatch thing was probably a entity trying to drain me but if I ever get into the astral and have some appear like I’m just going to force it out with *will

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I have days where it’s hard or my mind won’t quiet down for me to get there… or I’m overly tired and just fall asleep.

I make playlists on YouTube with inductions, guided meditations, enn chanting, etc. and that helps immensely.

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You could use chalk to draw the circle around your bed, it usually washes of easy…I have faced the same problems in the past when it comes to trying to do anything on a hardwood floor :stuck_out_tongue:


I gave up and put my universal circle on my bed. It’s good for summoning cats too apparently lol.


Cats are smart beautiful creatures :heart_eyes:

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I usually astral travel to contact Archangels .

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Haha love that!

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My Moon kitty loves my Lilith altar, she regularly pays tributes with sniffs and gets annoyed if I leave something in the way obstructing her path.