Working with Sargatanas. What to know. The bad and the good

  1. Sargatanas makes you lose your belongings and valuable and generally makes you waste or lose money. You can find your self misplacing your property or your property getting lost. This is my only problem with this being, if I had financial and material increase and wealth while working with him, I’d work with him alone.

  2. Sargatanas makes you very very very good on sex. Women will become addicted to your dick. But the thing is Sargatanas doesn’t attract plenty women at one time. It’s just one woman at a time and if she is in a relationship, it won’t work. She has to be single

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Has Sargatanas told you the women must be single? Or is this your opinion/observations?

Based on my observations. If you run into a woman who is single, you’d get her that very day and she’ll become obsessed with you with the first touch.

But if she is in a relationship (even if they are having issues in their relationship at the moment), it doesn’t work. I’ve been in 2 situations where I met a girl who was having relationship issues. Once I started talking to them, their boyfriends started calling non stop. On one occasion, the boyfriend got on a bike and started stalking her. Like he knew something was up with his girl and he started looking for her (true story).

However if she is single single, you Will have sex with her within the first two or three meets. She’ll be soo obsessed with you, but your money will keep dwindling while you’re on it and you’ll keep losing valuables

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I am a girl, will this work for me? Not interested in random people, just one person

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well, would you suggest a pact with sargatanas?

I swear the moment I had the inclination to evoke this entity I can’t stop seeing threads about sargatanas


Me too. This one came out of nowhere. Haven’t seen him pop up except in old threads. I wonder if that’s his way of saying hello.

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Absolutely, if you’re looking for something long term with said person then you could also use Sallos or Furfur.

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How long does the obsession last, and will you have petition him ever so often to keep it going?

And how do you stop it when your ready?