Working with Santa Muerte

I have been seeing signs of her in my waking life and feel extremely drawn to her for some reason… perhaps she would like to work with me or I am guided to work with her, however, where I am I can not create an altar to her. Many insist you work with her through an alter and offerings, of course, traditionalists insist a lot of rituals have to be a certain way and most of us here have thrown away a lot of tradition and found rituals to still be very effective, but perhaps it is best to work with some spirits within their traditions, so I’m not sure. Is it fine to work with Santa Muerte without a lot of the traditional details? And how should I go about such a ritual, with offerings etc. The other threads on here have not satisfied me regarding that.

There is V. K. Jehannum’s article

I made an attempt with “Nina Dorada” some time ago and maybe I’ll work again with Santa Muerte, and/or with the Lwas; no altar and offerings in my case as well, since I can’t… Hopefully sometimes it may be a legit approach.

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