Working with Raphael

I’m pretty new to working with dieties and I want to start working with AA Raphael for healing. Ive never called upon a diety to work with so I was wondering if anybosy can share with me how to do so? The whole process.

First off good luck with your invocation and progress

I don’t have a specific ritual but I like to build rituals based around associations linked to a spirit

For words there are tons of prayers online you can find or just speak from the heart

Element: Air sometimes water

Cardinal direction: East

Astrology: Mercury and within alchemy the moon as well

Colors: Blue, gold and green

Stones: Emerald and Carnelian

I’m sure you can find many more associations online as well these are just a few off the top of of my head to give you ideas to get started I’ll also link his sigil for you which many people use as protective and healing amulets You could use it by itself or incorporate it into a more elaborate ritual

I have also found soothing music within itself has often been enough to feel his presence for me

Wish I could be of more help but this wasn’t an entity I encountered conciously on purpose He came around when I got serious about healing myself psychologically



Thank you!! You’ve given a lot of info!

You are welcome! I had a dream last night but I haven’t tried this yet but I’m sharing encase you also want to try it We’ll call it an an experiment

Raphael was prompting me to draw his sigil over a mirror and invoke him that way

Again I just dreamed this last night and haven’t tried it but this wouldn’t be the first dream where I contacted him through a mirror

I don’t know why I never thought of doing it before!


I’d love to hear feedback once you do it to see how it worked. Im going this weekend to get things to set up an altar for Raphael.

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Cool I will. Let me know how it goes for you too Would love to see pics of the altar

Update: I tried out the invocation of drawing his sigil on a mirror. I did alter the sigil in a way that was very personal for me which is the only reason I’m not uploading a pic

But I did feel his presence very strongly so it worked for me


Awrsome! Ill be trying sometime this week.

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Good luck! Let me know how it goes