Working with President Marbas: New, and developing understanding

So as an official post, I would like to introduce my-self with my recent journey of communicating, and invoking Marbas. I have known of him for some time, and while in the past others have heard my call with great intensity (Lucifer, Hekate, Lilith, King Paimon, Beelzebub) I have had some trouble communicating with Marbas.

Preface: as a side note, I tend to have more trouble hearing legitimate words from those I’ve invoked. More oft’ than not I’ll get powerful commands through a sort of intuition, and definitely feel their unique energies: with Marbas, it has been not as present. I believe I may be incorrect in my attempts to communicate with the great Lion. So, I’ll post some information on what I do.

Firstly: I often use materials. I lack an Orange candle which is what I read is commonly preferred: I have a shit ton of red and black, and a yellow. I anoint with my Abramelin ritual oil, after drawing and anointing his sigil I face his home, and perform a combination of Latin, Enochian chants and his Enn. I burn your traditional incense of Frankincense, have my Dragon’s Blood Resin as is quotidial. I sense his presence, something very–I would say, quiet. Though, nothing has been as concrete as my workings with Lucifer. I would like some advice from more experienced individuals who have worked with him: I’m seeking him to aid me in healing something I suffer from, not urgently, but, it would be very, very welcomed.

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Welcome. Please introduce yourself properly in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and any experience in magick you may have. It is a rule of this forum.