Working with Opfaal

Hello ! I am thinking to summon Opfaal the Angel of Deliverence from Kingdom Of Flames tonight. I have read the book, but I would like to just simply make the ritual easier and only use his sigil to call him. Do I need to banish afterwards? Are any precautions necessary when working with him? Thank you.

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I haven’t heard anything negative.

If you normally banish, then banish.

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Use the banishing incantation from the book before calling Opfaal. You don’t need to do it afterwards.

While yes, you can simply use his seal, I highly recommend opening the square to his kingdom as well. It makes the contact much easier.

No, he’s pretty chill.


Hey, thank you so much for all the informations ! You put me at ease :leaves:

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What’s your intention for calling Opfaal ?

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The truth is that I have been dealing with low self esteem & social anxiety since I was a teenager. I was on medications as well for a short period, but they did not help that much. So I am considering working with Opfaal to free my mind from all those doubts and irrational fears, that are taking away the joy of life.

Think this meditation might be helpful


I’ll definitely give it a try then. Thanks a lot.

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what is the name of the book?

The title is in the top post. It’s Kingdom of Flames by EA Koetting.

thanks. in my intro I’m not sure if I wrote it but this the first forum I’ve ever actually interacted on so idk yet how to navigate. like when I tap a link it takes me to the middle of the conversation it seems and I have to scroll up to the beginning. also, I can web search something and a thread (?) from here will come up but …idk how to access more info. it’s like I have about 5 links and I’ve looked through the topics listed. I know there’s more I just have to figure out how to get to it .

Nope & nope. Opfaal is one of the best to help people who struggle through poltergeist issues or addiction issues.