Working with Olympic Spirit Ophiel

Hello everyone. I want to talk about an experience I had with Olympic Spirit Ophiel. I did an evocation with Lord Ophiel to help me gain mental clarity. I also asked for help with my speech and help with astral projection as I was intending to finish up the evocation.

I asked for clarity because I remember opening a channel to Mercury’s energy and having really good mental clarity and memory. The way I did though was through shrooms which I don’t recommend unless you have experience. I asked for help with astral projection just because I heard he was good at helping with it.

Anyway, as I was finishing up, I asked him to help me with astral projection and almost immediately got put in a trance that I never experienced before. Usually my mind would wonder around like a headless chicken but this time, it was quiet. Silence. Complete stillness in my mind and body. It was wonderful. Then soon I felt myself slowly leaving my body. And I could see clearly with my eyes close wherever I focused my attention. It was really tempting to stay like that for the rest of the night but the Arbatel and other practitioners say “don’t keep them more than an hour”. Also I was expecting him to help me as I went to bed, not right then. So I mustered up the will I had to thank him sincerely and then end the evocation.

The next day I went looking for a crystal and was directed to hematite. I didn’t explain I needed a crystal for clarity or memory or anything of that nature. I didn’t know that hematite was so good for clarity. It explains all the insanely vivid dreams I have when sleeping with hematite.

I can honestly say that before this evocation, I was really frustrated at the fact that I was forgetting everything constantly. My memory was fucking horrible. My speech was god awful. My dreams were either blurry as hell or nonexistent. If I dreamt anything at all, it was gone as soon as I woke up. Now, it’s almost hard for me to believe how things have changed completely. I can’t deny the fact that I wasn’t even looking for a crystal for mental clarity or memory but the lady who directed me to it said it called out to her for me to take it. My speech is more eloquent than usual when and I’m actually saying what I want to say without stuttering. My dreams are vivid as hell and I can actually remember what I dreamed about clearly. I don’t think any of this would’ve happened had it not been Lord Ophiel’s assistance. Thank you Lord Ophiel!

I want to know, who here has worked with Olympic spirits? It’s hard to find many people who have experience with them and it’s hard to find much information on Olympic spirits. I would love to know other people’s experience with them so that I can be certain what the hell i’m doing. Thanks.


Great experience my fellow practitioner. I do work a number of years with the Olympics and I will personally say that they are much more than that. Olympic spirits for me is a false term as they have nothing to do with any sort of Hellenistic spirits or pantheon, I spek freely my opinion mainly because of my Greek origin and as such I never encountered them in my tradition. That being said they are excellent spirits to work with! Very recently I taught one of my students the rite to communicate with the spirit Phul for financial backup. Within the month results came and that specific student is of the skeptical kind, she made 2k$ by selling her car and getting a refund from a case she had in her professional life.

I have worked with Ophjiel and had excellent results! Similarly other fellow practitioners I know and discuss with report various positive effects. I have worked with him for clarity and focus for exams during my university years and for helping me recover after a long term hospitalisation to get my spiritual senses up to speed and ofc rehab with my body.

He also helped me greatly when I worked as a tellecommunications agent with my flow of speech/thoughts to help cutomers/companies.

Overall experience 8/10


Thank you for sharing your experience! I didn’t know Lord Phul could be good for financial matters. That’s amazing how versatile they are in their own ways. I only associated her with psychic abilities like astral projection. She helped me with astral projection one time and it was caught off guard that night. It was honestly the closest I’ve ever gotten to consciously astral projecting with her assistance. On top of that I was learning what to focus my attention on. Not really surprising I bet but it’s very interesting to me.

I’m still relatively new to evocation so communicating with them has been challenging on the receiving end. And when they reached out to me I heard ringing and I knew it was them but I didn’t know what they were saying.

If you don’t mind, I’d really appreciate learning more about your experiences and how you communicate with them. Or what you offer them though I wish I could understand what they like from them directly. I read on theomagica and the mage’s communion with Lord Bethor, and how he offered a stone to be a shell for his power. I wanted to do the same but it feels improper to offer a random stone I find on the ground that means nothing to me.

Also I wonder, if that was an 8/10 for, what was your 10/10?

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First off all let me tell you that the sign of “ringing in ears” is a sign of success in spirit contact. One of the most powerful ones especially for a beginner! So in my book you are more than 100% successful in that regard. As to the difficulty with spirit “communion” its understanable for someone who is a beginner. First the path of expanding the 5 physical senses, then the health of the magus (both physical and spiritual is neeeded) in order to have a stronger experience amongst other things. No, spirit “houses” are not unheard of, but in this case the Olympic spirits are free spirits and they dont tend to reside in amulets and such. They can allow a a magician to use their seal for other effects but thats not a residing place for them. Thats not to say ofc a psychic/magical link cant be made. Its improper not because its a stone but because you first need to establish a trusting relationship with them. Because they help us it doesnt mean we are buddies. Its transactional at first by all means and then if the sincerity of the magus is shown the spirit can choose if it wants to, to form a relationship with you and then other things are revealed.

For me it was 8/10 because of time it took for the things I requested at the time to come to pass which resulted in some unsavory events. Nontheless, all ended up good but some other spirits offered a much more impactful and quicker results in my life. So this is highly subjective for each individual.

For starters I would recommend studdying the pendulum, divination and channeling. There are a ton of free articles in the forum so check them up, otherwise we can discuss more options and ways of improvement via DM’s.