Working with Nebarius

I have looked through the information on the Forum regarding this demon and find the personal stories to be a little bit lacking. Is there anybody on here who has worked with him who has good experiences with him???


I think Nebarius is one of the more hidden beings.

Have you approached him yourself,

In case you want to be introduced,
i’d recommend asking Lucifuge Rofocale,
to introduce you to him.



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He’s my guardian demon. He actually introduced himself when I was younger I just didn’t know the significance of who he was. I befriended him at that point in time but I didn’t know of the name Naberius so this would be the first time I would be working with him.

I believe I’m beginning to hear him a lot better but up until maybe two days ago all of our Communications had been through a human host before that. So although he is not exactly a stranger I’m not exactly sure of everything as far as working with him


I have slept with his sigil under my pillow and I do think I’m hearing him more. It seems to be him and not just some random voice. He’s calling me by a nickname I went by in middle school, the point in time where we would have been speaking to each other through a host

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that answers your question quite a bit.

If he’s a personal familiar,
of yours,
you’re already in good standing with him.

At the same time,
you’ll find none or very few other sources to compare him around.

It’s in the Nature of Familiars,
to be personal.

I can definately attest to you,
that you can comfortably trust him,
according to the gnosis you’ve just shared.

I recommend you keep communicating with the Sigil,
until you start seeing visions from him.

At that point,
you can push it forward,
by calling him forth into evokation.

“Kama Kala, Nebarius.
I Conjure you forth, Nebarius.
Nebarius come!
Nebarius come!
Nebarius come!”,

shoul yield reliable results,
unless Nebarius decides to share a more exact and specific aproach for you to use.

I do have such an personal connection to King Paimon,
for example,
where he clearly stated,
that the name revealed to me,
for me to call him and work with him by,
isn’t allowed to be shared with anyone else,
and pays tribute to my status as an elder,
specifically in connection to him.

i usually call him by the regular from

  • as king paimon, -
    as most other magicians do aswell.

Only relying on that hidden name,
when i really want to talk privately with him.

I’ve never seen anyone else mention the hidden name he gave me,
not in Grimoires,
nor in Evokations
or discussions among the board.

And i know,
there’s no benefit in someone uninvited trying to use that channel either.




There are a couple that know of the name I can’t lie, but there’s no reason that any of them would have been around. I didn’t feel any of them around. I’ve left his sigil open and I feel more like myself than I have in years. I’ve been singing very loudly off and on for an hour. A curiosity in The Sciences is picking back up. I stayed up late last night copying down some planetary symbols. Realized he set me up for the best and longest friendship I have ever had… I’ve been friends with the girl that I knew him through for 12 years now. We’re inseparable. It took a little while to find him though. I never knew him as having appeared with any form of dog, snake, or beast like appearance. He had wings but i had assumed they were just demonic wings at the time. Looking back I suppose they were probably Raven’s wings. I’m going off of art she Drew by the way

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Don’t worry about it.

King Paimon pointed that restrictions directly out to me,
unless Nebarius did something similar,
i don’t think there is any issue with you talking about him.

You can,
state the question whether you’re welcomed to share him with others,
directly to his sigil.

He’ll let you know.



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It is nice that Nebarius is getting some attention now. I worked with her on learning some Java programming.


He gave me a specific name when I was 11 or 12 I just didn’t know it at the time

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I’ll admit, that name sounds familiar. Not sure why.

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You probably know him as Cerberus.

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Really! I didn’t realize they were connected.

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I like that this site has been rolling out all the obscure demons lately.

The connection to the connection to Cerberus is due to several reasons. First, he’s an underworld demon who understands necromancy and how to bind rouge spirits. This makes him similar to Cerberus at least in function. The first person to notice this may have form some kind of link to the Greeks in his mind and linked the beings etymologically. My UPG is that Cerberus and Naberius are 2 distinct beings.

My person experience with Naberius is that he’s a mentor type of demon. I remember one of the most prominent times I invoked him, he told me to invoke a demon I was having trouble communicating with, broke down what I was doing wrong, and suddenly I could hear the other demon clear as day.

This also extends to pretty much and subject you’re studying. If it’s occult or mundane, he can break down the finer points of a topic and help you understand it better.


With him being a more “hidden” spirit, I wonder if this one has any mortal wives.

Anyways, anyone that wants to work with him but is having trouble making contact… feel free to message me directly!