Working With Lucifer

Hi Everyone, I’ve recently started working with Lucifer. For those of you that actively work with him, could you share your experiences please! Especially, those of you that are able to communicate with him. I am wanting to learn more about him to strengthen my connection with him.

So far, my experiences have been feeling an energetic presence. When I hold his sigil and call out to him, I can feel a slight change in energy around me. Often, I hear house settling noise around those times. I figure it’s him letting me know of his presence. I have requested dreams, etc, but cannot remember anything specific to him.

My offerings to him have been friendship, to share my experiences with him to the world so that the world can get a better understanding of who he is. I’ve offered two full nutmeg pieces. In the left hand path of hinduism, slicing and offering a lime is considered the life-force of 1000 goats, and the slicing and offering of nutmeg is considered the life-force of 100,000 goats. This is the ideal offering to Goddess Kali.

My goal is to reach a level of active communication with him. I’ve asked him to be a counsel / mentor / guide for me.

Thanks for sharing your experiences, beforehand!


Usually when I communicate with spirits I don’t get two different voices in my head, my own and the entity. I generally get thought impressions or different thinking patterns if that makes sense. With this one evocation i had of Lucifer. I could distinctly hear my own voice and his voice. It was quite amazing to me as I’ve only had this happen once before and it was only a few words. What I did differently this time when I did my evocation, I sat down and listened to Shamanic drumming and slowly let myself drift. Once I could clearly feel his presence indicated to me by immense drowsiness, I layed down and asked for him to communicate with me via my dreams. That was when I heard his voice like none other. There’s more information in the link below :slight_smile:. Best of luck to you!

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Hi John,

Thank you for your response. Yes, I did read of your experiences. It was after reading your post that I made the decision to reach out to evoke Lucifer in a similar manner as yourself.

Have you noticed any significant changes happen in and around you since you made contact?

Something interesting that has happened with me is the expansion of awareness of my own subconscious powers. I asked for the powers of Lucifer, and what I was led to was back to the subconscious. It was almost as if Lucifer was telling me that the powers of Lucifer is the unlimited power of the Subconscious Mind.


Interesting! I haven’t noticed a big change but I feel more, sturdy, if that makes sense.

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First of all I think you should KNOW ONESELF except yourself your past your present because Lucifer is a teacher as well so expect reality slaps from him every now and then cuse he wants you to become stronger ,wiser,independent I think his an amazing father like figure,make sure your ready if you going to make any concations who knows maybe he is the one calling you ;))