Working with lord shiva

Hmmm how can I say I been working with lord shiva and I’m loving him ever so much he is great always put me in a state nah like other before I start to work with him after seeing him within me has peaceful feeling always put a smile I’m just wondering who else have or is working with him and what do you guys think of him for me I love him he is so nice and always there when I need him same with mother kali!


Can u share with us the “how”? Of u started working with him

Well thats a long story so I did a ritual with lord Ganesha and I did a ritual with lord Yama and then I did a ritual with mother kali all in different times so after those ritual I was doing my own magick and meditation so one day I saw lord Ganesha on the wall looking back at me it was so intense that I was speechless he was huge and intense but then when I thought or say mother kali I would/still feel her and see her always with me by myself with in and physical and then after those experiences I meditated and hear from my guidance and my higher self they told me Hinduism is gonna be apart of my practice so I got really interested but at the time and still see this sometime I was meditating and I saw lord shiva and lord vishnu within me so I got really curious so I went and did some research and a lot of it and did some rituals to working and feel them even more and ohhhh man lord shiva and me clicked his energy with my went so well that I just started to work with him when more sometimes I call on lord vishnu sometimes but it’s just something about lord shiva that I couldn’t stop working with him has so nice easily pleased welcoming god he is has blissing are like so beautiful I just love him has chant OM MAMAH SHIVAYA if you were wondering I say more but we’re to start and I hope this answer your question

Great … I work with them specially mother Kali and her other forms… it is actually very good. And trust me no matter what spirit m evoking just one mantra of kali is enough for banishing and protection . As I practiced alone I came across practices like LBRP and all very late, so their mantra helped me a lot. They are powerful. :orange_heart::slightly_smiling_face:

What is like to work with Lord Shiva?, and what are the pros, and cons of working with Lord Shiva?

I love mother kali as a mother she always there no matter where I am at and such protecting me and guiding me you know so I feel Yeh on that one and mother durga and mother Parvati are very good as I got mother Parvati smile upon me smiling and loving I have mother kali always with me and in me protecting and helping me so I love the goddess too you know

What’s it like to work with lord shiva? well it’s different feeling it’s like peaceful and kind and this little happiness comes over you he’s very understanding and does not judge who you are when you have the pure of heart and love for him he well be there working with him is like have your ego and ignorance get destroyed in your mind completely opens you can start seeing things in a different way like a calming away he can be complicated to explain but he is simple to please to make him happy is really fun he well help you out with anything that you ask him for he feels like you’re with him and he is around you type of feel so like I well see him within me help but I can see him all all around me when I ask him for has blissings for things it’s like your working with a higher awaken of your self and part of you that you won’t recognize but love if that makes sense hard to explain and working with him really changes things on how you think in away and he can teach you how to dance as well

And the pros and cons the pros are if you want your ego to be in check he will do that for you if you need your ignorance to be removed he’ll do that for you he good at transformation which I love he can empower and strength you teach you Yoda and meditation help you with your sense I find and he can pretty much help you with alot of thing and when you start working with him he always well be there with you Cons he can be very intense if you are not ready for him like I have some ppl who I show to ppl can be very intense for them in way that he is in you and all around you like a feel of a intense he can be complicated a lot of information about him to read up on he just hard to explain what he’s like and how to work with him in my eye is no really wrong way to working with him and if you’re not really for really opening your mind out side and within you then that can a very big change for you if your not ready my bad if this doesn’t help much but I really only have good things to say about him like look at this pictures one of my favorite ones of him if you want to get a good feeling of him Lord-Shiva-Nandi (1)

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I have one request- use punctuation, I would love to read what you wrote about Shiva, but it’s hard with no commas etc.

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My bad not so good with that stuff to be honest