Working with Faeries?

I have no experience with these spirits despite doing a bit of studying on them already but here’s what I’d like to know. How do you evoke them? What are good offerings? What things should you and should you not do, (for example I know saying ‘thank you’ is offensive to them.) Just whatever I need to know when attempting to work with the fae.

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Best to be in a natural place ( although it’s not needed ) but it certainly helps to align your consciousness with the energies of nature

Having something sweet ( like pure honey ) as an offering can help when evoking them, decorating your altars with items gotten from nature helps as well to align the energies around you to something that’s familiar to them

They’re energy feels different and you might notice poltergeist activity around you while trying to evoke them, your candles may flicker oddly and the air in the room may look like it’s beginning to shimmer

Be very calm and Clearheaded while trying to evoke them, having a open mind and a calm psyche goes a long way.

If you notice poltergeist activity around you, or funny things happening after you attempt an evocation then that generally means you caught their attention.

Some of them are natural tricksters and they can’t help but have a laugh at our expense, so look out for any change in your luck over the next few days ( this can be flipped as well, you may find thing suddenly being lucky coincidences) these can strongly mean that you’ve attracted their attention.

Continue to try to contact them and be patient while doing so, remember they don’t have the same concept of time as we do and they don’t care about your frustrations, they will come whenever they want.


Read Faery Faith in Celtic Countries. It’s a big book on the lore of those kinds of spirits, tons of info


Try summoning Goddess Aine, the great faery queen. Hekate can be petitioned to have a fairy familiar too.