Working with Duke Dantalion

hi i am new in this forum … i want to say thanks to Duke Dantalion … so this is my story,
i have a complicated relationship and have been running almost 1 year more and
suddenly without clear cause … she breakup relationship with me , I suspect there is another man but im not sure and she chose not to contact me

then on his birthday I wish her happy birthday …
she said that in hate me and blocked all my phone numbers. except instagram …
right now I still confused the cause of the breakup of our relationship and
I still love her and
FYI at the beginning of this year I’ve tried to use Prince Sitri to improve our relationship … but I do not see a definite development

so last night after read some post ini this forum I held a simple ritual
by drawing sigil with a green pen and say His Enn … for approximately 10 minutes and say my wish …
when i did the ritual therre is no sign of his presence other than my heart beating fast …
and then for a sign I ask if Duke Dantalion has come or at least his subordinates
to make her like my post on instagram
and tonight she gave like on my post
( she usually like my post before and since break up she never do that again)
I think I will continue to do the ritual with Duke Dantalion

I will update further developments in this forum, any info that i need to know about working with Duke Dantalion is well appreciated
im willing to learn

thanks before and thank Duke Dantalion

Avage ayer Dantalion on ca


Dantalion is very fast working and great spirit. Hail Dantalion


I absolutely love the great Duke but I’m lax in working with him and not consistent enough. I need to talk with him again.


after the second day doing the ritual … today the girl contacted me via DM and we made an appointment to meet on Wednesday
does this mean good thing in relationship i have not know …
all I ask to Duke Dantalion is for her to love me the way she used to be
but I’m sure Duke Dantalion has helped me because she was the first to contact me

tonight I will do the third ritual after that, tomorrow morning I plan to do the ritual for sallos

Hail Duke Dantalion


Great to hear that.csn u help us with procedure of how did u go about the ritual.please keep us posted on further updates

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And doing ritual once is not enough?do you have to do it everyday?

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first I do my shower, clean my room and my work table as best I can

  • I turned on the white candles and incense afterwards and wrote down my wishes on the paper
  • I print a sigil with a soft color (gray) and I thicken the sigil with a green pen while pronouncing the enn.
  • I meditated for about 10 minutes while still saying enn and drawing the sigil in my mind (on the first day doing this I was frightened though I did not know what I feared and my heart was beating fast)
  • after 10 minutes I said my wish … afterwards I folded the sigil and put it under the pillow (because I wished to communicate in my dream) and while sleeping I said enn in my mind the first day I asked for a sign to Duke Dantalion if indeed he was present … so that the target will give response to my instagram post …
  • in the morning I burned sigil and my desire

I have been doing for 3 days and in this day I plan to ask for help to Sallos … any suggestion?

@Enchantress_mini and yes i will update it …


Ty so much for reply.Yes you can work with Sallos.He can make people fall in love and can incite lust and passion between you both.

Can we invoke both peaceful daemon Sallos and Great duke Dantalion together for more power and benefits.Any suggestions?


i have the question and got the answer …

update … at least we meet … she act usual like nothing happened … but i aware that she change her phone number … but she doesnt give me the number … and when i drive to her home … i gave her a bucket of flower and she look shy and say "rite now we just a friend " but i think she smile like she use to flirt with me …
i dont know what to do … … but i think i gave some time for the magic work :blush:


Great to hear that.Please give some more time for everything to manifest.Keep us posted :blush:


update :slight_smile:

a few days after the meeting I felt depressed because there was no progress
even i tried evoke belial and sallos … but no result at all
I thought about heal my depression first and I tried evoke Marbas and tried to be busy even when that time alone the depression reappeared
and I am trying to meditate for myself

and suddenly she sent me a message that she missed my voice … and she gave his no phone … and we talk …
and i remember that i was ask Duke Dantalion that she willing give her number without me asking it first

and after that I struggled against my own depression …
after some time I started to calm down … I got the idea about the petition and tried to write a petition for Sallos and tried to do it

after a while she ask me to meet and we talk a lot …

I think this is a good sign for me … and a reminder to be a better self before hoping to others

So Thanks To Dantalion, Belial , Sallos and Marbas for helping me …