Working with Duke Bune/Duchess Bime

Part I (June)

I can’t express enough my gratitude towards the benevolent Duchess Bime, as she told me to call Her. Last weekend 15-16th June my financial situation was terrible, to say the least. I am software developer, over 40 years old, have no job at the moment, just random customers here and there and struggling economically since the end of April 2019. I worked with Clauneck and still do, and he put food on the table during May and part of June, but Bune came to me and decided to give it a try.

She was and still is amazingly providing. I arranged everything I needed for the ritual on Monday 17th June. Some salt, some honey, an orange, and her sandal incense. Yellow and white candles, her Sigil and some of my blood on it. I wrote in a piece of paper that I needed $500 USD within 7 days to survive the rest of the month, including selling a guitar I have. And of course, getting a new job, as urgently as possible.

It’s not even 8 days since I did the first ritual. I got half of the money I asked, from totally random sources I couldn’t expect, even my ex-wife which she couldn’t hate me more, came up offering me money out of nothing and a ring for me to sell. She did 10 minutes after having a personal fight, yelling at each other. Got 2 job interviews during 24th - 25th, with a 99% success chance on each one. These 2 things just “casually” happened by the end of the 7-days period from my initial contact on 17th June.

- “Wehl Melan Avage Bune Tasa”

Part II (July)

This is the second part of the story I just described I did on June 17th, which came up to be partially effective. My economic situation was being horrible, still is, I am a software developer and was looking for a job since the end of March. All of a sudden, after contacting Her, Bime came up offering a hand, scheduling 2 interviews on 23th and 24th. I came up getting a 2nd. interview for the I had on 24th, on 28th and finally getting the job. I started in 1st July.

This is the way things started up with Duchess Bime. However, I lasted something like 3 days on that job because the boss was an ~#@hole. Fine. So you may say, then what was all about if you had to quit that job? Now, look at this. THE SAME day I quitted that job I got a phone call from a third company for an interview. A big one, much better salary, much better place, an amazing career opportunity. This was on July 3rd THE SAME DAY I QUITTED. Got two more interviews with the same company, and I got the confirmation today 23th that I am hired.

Not enough proof? Today 23th I made a ritual to thank Her for this and asked for some new opportunities, some extra job from some customer to survive during August until I cash the 1st salary. Bingo. A customer I worked with came up offering new work, FOR THE WHOLE month and months to come in case I want it. I even have to decide how much time I want to work…

So what else can I say … This story is beyond words.

Wehl Melan Avage Bune Tasa
Hail Duke Bune!
Hail Duchess Bime!

Forever in debt with you.


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Thanks, will introduce myself as soon as I can.

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Awesome story…I am always on the look out for employment success stories aided by deities.

Congrats on your new job, hope it brings you so much fulfilment and happiness.

PS: Just to add, next time, do not just quit any job cos of a horrible boss, there are spells for issues like that or you can ask a spirit who specializes in that…I am glad this one worked well though.

Do not forget to introduce yourself. Welcome to the group!!


True, I should have thought of this. Nevertheless, it was a good move quitting.


I’m really happy for you. Love a good success story. :hugs::hugs::hugs::slightly_smiling_face: