Working with Djiin and creating explosive amounts of energy

Hi everyone,

So I’ve been working with Djiin (Lord of Fire) on and off for a while now, and he taught me a fair few things about directing energy and creating large amounts of energy. At first it was sporadic and not really physical so I didn’t attune much attention to it, however, today was an exception. First a little back story:

Last month while I was in the southern Aegean, being semi-detached from the outside world on a little island North of Crete, I underwent a shamanistic initiatory experience regarding the elements. Thanks to help from Lady Eva with Soul Travel, I ended up meeting guides, Ascended masters and most importantly at the time, I travelled to the realms of the elemental kings in the upper world. While in each realm (with authority of the kings) I accepted and attuned myself to each element and learnt how to use it in my daily life. These kinds of energy Manifested in different ways, Paralda energy improved memory and brain function (which strangely allowed me read English literature from the 1800s and understand it like it was modern day English without even trying), Ghob’s energy grounded me back in the physical world and allowed me to think clearly and set a path for the future (I also kept getting harassed by butterflies and birds after I took on his energy…but take that as you will ;)), Nischca gave me a deeper understanding of my emotions and morals and helped me make some hard choices, and finally Djiins energy was the hardest to take because the initiation was brutal (he burnt away all my weakness and attachments that were holding me back, which has since allowed me to make great leaps in my ascent), the “inner fire” that he ignited inside me also drew other spiritual people towards me, as a week after I got back I received a letter informing me that a local mason lodge had reached out to me and wanted to meet.

It’s Djiins energy that also effected me physically today, which is why I’m posting this. First, an extract from Evoking Eternity:

“Djiin will first teach you to master the element of fire within yourself, using such to raise body temperature, strengthen your muscles and create explosive amounts of energy”

For the first time in a few months (and since Djiins energy was delivered to me) I got back into my regular workout routine of going to the gym 3 times a week. Now, growing up and throughout high-school I was shit at sports, my fitness is terrible and I’m not that physically strong. Usually I can’t run for more than 6-7 minutes at a time and can’t lift more than about 20kg, but today I easily ran for 20 minutes without stopping and ran on quite a high level (meaning the machine was freaking fast). Now, that could be put down to training that I did 3 months ago, but 1) I haven’t really run in about 3-4 months and 2) when I got to the 8 minute mark I was pretty tired, but my magickal imagination kicked into overdrive on its own and I started receiving images of a small fire in a large dark room, it was pretty small and was smoldering so it looked like it was about to go out, I saw myself stretch out my hand and a huge amount of energy was chucked onto the fire and it immidielty started burning brighter and much much bigger.
What was interesting here was that a minute had passed in that time -which I was continuously running for without knowing, and as soon as the fire got more power I got a huge second wind and it was like I was back to the start of the exercise and my fitness was back up, so I just carried on running. After a while it did start to take its toll on my body, I was dripping in sweat and I could feel my heart beating out of my chest, but I just wasn’t tired at all, I had a huge amount of energy that just wouldn’t go away no matter what I did.

Same thing with weights, I easily lifted 35kg and had to up the weight on every machine because I felt like my energy just wasn’t depleting. It may not seem like much, but to someone who was a bad at sports and fitness as me…this is a funny surprise that I attribute down to the large energy reserves that Djiin taught me how to tap into.

Next step…learn to control physical fire ; )


Very interesting stuff there mate, thanks for sharing. Also, i cant help my curiosity so i have to ask, are you from Crete or you just visited the place?

Nah, I’m English mate. Just visiting the Aegean

Azael could you please show us the djinn sigil we could use to contact him please?

I couldnt find it on google, dunno why. You can find djiin’s sigil, as well as the sigils of the other elemental kings in E.A.'s ‘evoking eternity’.

I couldnt find it on google, dunno why. You can find djiin’s sigil, as well as the sigils of the other elemental kings in E.A.'s ‘evoking eternity’.[/quote]

That’s the one I used, from EE. It has all 4 elemental King’s sigils in there