Working with Demons to destroy reputations :

I’ve always thought that Death is sometimes to merciful to enemies and I’m not a very Sadistic person. Not a fan of Illness either. However one area strongly interests me. Cursing someone to the point of where their reputation is outright destroyed. Making them the lowest of the low despite their sucess.

The reason why I think it’s better is because especially for a popular person, you can really fuck them up mentally and make them reach the lowest point in their lives.

Now Agares seems to be one of the best Demons for this purpose but I’m under the impression that Samael can also help (or harm) in this area.

I haven’t used this yet but I intend too. I think I’m gonna start with the people from my old primary school :joy::joy::joy:


Agares does deal in human affairs so it fits. I don’t know anything about samael


Samael seems to Specialize in offense and defense. I can see him outright destroying an enemy

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