Working with Demons / GOM - Love Magick

First off, I want to give praise to Sitri. On two separate occasions, I quickly called on him to have my lover come to quickly when it appeared hesitant and stalling to come make love to me. I am so very thankful because I have not directly worked with Sitri with direct invocation nor taken the time to meditate on the sigil. Both times, my lover was stalling and after calling upon assistance from Sitri to bring him to me, my lover came within the hour.

To give you all some background, my lover is fearful of falling in love and being in love. He has had his heart broken several times, been in a few toxic long term relationships and he suffers from clinical depression. Many readings I have had done (myself and independently) say he doesn’t feel he deserves me, thinks I’m out of his league and because of his experiences and depression, he avoids allowing himself to feel the fullness of my love and avoids having a full connection.

Here is my dilemma: I have done all the work I can do (and succeeded according to readings) to have him fall in love, be in love, adore me, stay attracted to me and desire me. Its working. The obstacle holding us back is him not EXPRESSING it. When he does, its very mundane, with the exception of sex. Here is where I ask, who can I call on and work with in all GOM and the demons to get him to express his love and passion for me? He once did express himself openly but shut down after an extended bout of depression, of which I have remained patient with him to allow him the space to heal and open again. He just wont open himself to be vulnerable.

Any suggestions? FYI I’m not interested in actual spell work because I’ve done enough of that. I want real results and only seem to get them with GOM.

If no magick then it’s all about communication. The background you tell me about him means, he have trust issue. If you can gain his trust. then he’ll open up. He still have trauma over the past. He needs to learn to release the old memories that is triggering his sadness. He need to learn to love self not put other’s view so important that it affects his self love.

I am using magick to get him to where he is now. My question is what Demons / Spirits can I call upon to move him to EXPRESSING his love for me? All the magick in the world that I have done and researched offers up ways to get them to FEEL and THINK. None of it guarantees the ACTION. I want to move to action!

u can’t force people to do things with demons. That is free will. Expression means nothing if not coming from him. demons may get him to feel certain feeelings , however, it’s still up to him to take action. Your looking at things with illogical thinking. unreasonable. goals.
There’s a saying. YOu can’t change others. You can only change yourself. By changing yourself the others will respond differently.

Alrighty then lol

Curious, what demons have you worked with and to what end?

almost all of them. haha. kept cursing away at some people who deserve them. Quick cursing that takes few minutes here and there. And use the demons or angels that seems useful to better my life. like increasing intuition, better psychic skills, attract good people to life, increase magick skill , for gambling luck. money luck, etc…
Just do invocation . no evocation yet. Just keep a journal. It don’t matter what others do. I don’t care for others’s as it’s not my business. Got’s to focus on me not what other’s doing. Journal will let you know what’s up with progress. I dont know if my spell/curse works as i am in no contact with my target.

May be give him time … a lot of time people need to assure themselves of their feelings before they express it .

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I did heed your words and yes, he does have trust issues that are not rooted in anything that I have done but from old wounds he wont allow to heal. He does deal with depression. However, I did continue to work and utilized the Angels of Alchemy. I called upon Kumiel to rejuvenate his communication with me and Revchiel to renew his passion. I topped it off with Karviel to make things unfold quickly and VIOLA! We are moving along again. The passion is definitely there :smile:

He needs to work on his heart chakra , while you have sex you can basically use each other’s energy exchange as a battery for him , generate lots of love with the intent for it to go in his heart chakra