Working with Demons and Spirits in a Christian home?

The only thing that really makes a difference is your state of mind. If you’re overly worried then it might affect things until you learn to detach from that perspective. Even theologically, demons and Christianity are rather intimate bedfellows. Satan’s been keeping the church in business for years now. Should be perfectly harmonious in every way methinks.


May have been this one? Podcast of 20th March: sex with spiritual entities, and my upcoming daemon baby


Yeah, sorry can’t find the link. :slightly_frowning_face:

So, to follow up,

I’ve made a point of meditating/charging Lucifer’s sigil as often as I can and made a point of verbally inviting Lucifer into the home to connect with me. And from that I believe that I had a connection early this morning with him, despite the environment I’m in. Part of that was smoking cigarettes as well as Cannabis and inviting Lucifer to partake with me, if he wanted to and blew the smoke on the sigil after saying his Enn.

Though, I should say that what I believe to be some sort of contact was done without Cannabis, just cigarette smoke.


I should also say, I didn’t intentionally disregard the advice and resources given here because I think I know better, but I’m only home really long enough to shower, eat and sleep most days and I felt what I described above could be fit in to my day easily. Again, I don’t intend any disrespect to any of your advice.

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