Working with Bune

Hello there. Just wanted to ask if devotion and offering of incense is enough to ask for a huge amount of money? I’m not asking for hundreds of millions. I did ask bune if she wanted to work with me through tarot and she said yes, so I want to give it a shot. + Will make a petition for it.


Hello Itsuki

i know of an author called “Rufus Opus” who made a ritual for pettitioning money (riches) from Bune, for that he make a ritual “pot” with offerings to Bune, Bune didnt make him rich at once but sure give him ooportunities and money almost from the blue. That experience is in a essay called “Modern Goetic Grimoire” from him, perhaps its somewhere in the net, i know Rufus Opus dropped his own ebooks and have published a complete treatise on his appproximation, ways and experiences to the Goetia. but “Modern Goetic Grimoire” can be still accesible in some internet places

short answer letting the above aside: most spirits do appreciate offerings or to honor them (and to talk of them publically as a gratitude for them when they fullfilled the pact). Im not saying “made a BIG offering to him” but some incense, candles, perhaps some drink? its more enough. Make a big banquet of offerings for him when he made his deal its a good idea.

As Bune answered you is good to develop the clairs (clairvoyance, clairaudience, scrying), for having direct communication with him (if you arent already on that), that will empower a lot your magic and pacts with him and any other being

Duke Bune its a very friendly spirit in my opinion and do appreciate offerings and efforts in making the deals / works

Cheers and good luck in your ways

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