Working with Belial

Hello BALGF members.

So I finally decided to work with Belial to teach me magick. But, it looks like my senses aren’t fully developed so In the next 31 days I will evoke him everyday so that he can help me go deeper in trance.

My previous topic was about evoking each day 1 entity in period of 50 days, but after watching one of D.H. Thorne videos I thought that it would be better for me to dedicate to one entity to work with.

I was thinking to work with the norse pantheon, but I just felt that I should start working with Belial.

Anyway, I will work with Belial now. I will do other exercises to develop my astral senses too.

Wish me luck.


Belial is a hardcore teacher, I think you’ll appreciate the results.


Belial and Satan are the the most dangerous of the Gatekeepers even more than Beelzebub. They will burn your life down until you stand up and utilize the power they taught you.


I hope to don’t waste their time with me. My senses aren’t very developed at all. I thought that beelzebub is the most hardcore of them all :exploding_head:

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I cannot recommend King Belial enough. He’s amazing. But if Belial feels he’s wasting his time… he’ll let you know and walk. If that happens… apologize, thank him and get out.

The best advice I could give you is to have a purpose for calling him and also… be ready for him to call you out and check you. Whatever work you put into it… he’ll match you 10 fold… but if you want to learn… be specific and makes sure your means match your end. If you are going to ask for something… check your intentions first. He’s a king… so he’s going to want respect and loyalty. He can be a little rough at times… but he’s worth it!


He’s a mad man I tell you a mad man.
Lol no Belial is great! :grinning:


They work to develop your senses.

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Is Belial good for cursing people? There is one guy at school that really anger me from almost 10 years. I’ve done a ritual today where I summoned Belial and offered him my blood on his sigil which was very big drawn on a A4 paper format. I wanted Belial to get rid of this person from my life.

hell yeah


So guys, today I evoked him. I used a scrying mirror. I asked him to show himself into the mirror. I saw internally the image, but externally I only saw the outline of that image. It was something like a horned demon. The it changet to something like a wing of an angel.
I then fronted the mirror and I asked Belial to change my face into his face. I was amazed. I’ve never have seen something like that. My eye changed into a reptilian one. Then I saw myself blinking like I was seeing another person blinking. It was bizarre. I like it. There is a little bit more, but I’m not going into details right now. I just wanted to share this with you guys.


What do you think about my altar?


The cloth could light, be wary.

otherwise, all good, nice altar



So guys, I spoke with Belial and I decided to start the working again. From zero. I started to do meditations, now I’m gonna start doing some chakra work and opening. So I evoked Belial today to ask him a few questions. When I gazed at his sigil something happened to me. A downwards pentagram in a circle flashed very clearly just above his sigil. This was insane. Like it was alredy there, drawn with yellowish light. I just cannot believe that(ofcourse I believe it :smile::metal:). I’m so happy right now. I wasn’t even thinking about the pentagram. I was focused on evoking him and answering my questions. I now believe even more in magick guys :smile:. I asked him is the trance state important and said “no”. Btw I was communicating with him via pendulum. Also my mother interrupted the ritual. I hope he is not angry at me for that. Later I’m going to give him an offering.