Working with Beelzebub

I am new to this forum but ive been lead here for a few reasons I believe. I have been having alot of different signs that I am interpreting as being beelzebub. At first, I was a bit frightened, but I did not know much of this spirit. However, I have sense grown to become much more interested and the fear has lifted. I was wondering what others have experienced when working with him and how he came to you. I began to have constant thoughts of him, randomly , and then flies started to appear in different locations that I would be at. I would like to ease into a relationship with him, I do not want to call on him at this time, but I would like maybe a start of good reading material and maybe some advice for offerings, and just ways to build with this particular demon.

Thank you for your advice in advance.


Hello everyone! This topic is very good! I want to start the left side path in my spiritual life. I have a little experience. I need to listen to my third eye! My first steps is humility and I praying to Beelzebub. The signs are coming in your consciousness or in your dreams. I hope I write relevant informations, because my knowledge is not enough.

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I actually have a journal about my experiences with Beelzebub and the rabbit hole I followed while working with him

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