Working with Baron Samedi

Kwa Simbo :purple_heart:

A few months ago I got a ritual to call Papa Legba to open the gates to Baron Samedi and I did so. I was so often close to death and his name, his describtion, it felt familiar. I work normally (since 14 years) with the qliphotic system.
So it worked and I asked him for more happiness in my life, to take it easier. It worked and he also did something for me, I didnt asked for.
Every Saturday I do service for him and sometimes I light up candles at graves, which have none.

Yesterday i did service again and I could feel him again but not see or hear. I closed my eyes and saw a picture of him how he smoked his cigar und well, it became hot and I was horny etc :wink:

I feel close to him and a friend (her Met Tete is Brije) told me, that Baron Samedi came to her to tell her to be nice to me and more helpful.

Why can I not hear or see him? I think I am the problem and don‘t know why.
Additionally i am a bit unsure because my friend said she believes that he is my Met Tete but not for sure. The difference would be huge.

Do you have any advice?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Please don’t beat yourself up too much for not being able to see him. With most any entity it comes down to matching the vibration they have of opening your psychic centers enough. At least in my opinion. I’ve had great results and have talked with a number of people who have gotten great results by working on bonding with the deity in question. Whether it’s the Lwa, Demons, angels, ect.

If you take time throughout the day to try and connect with Baron Samedi he’s likely to notice. Lighting candles and having an altar is wonderful. But, if you incorporate the Baron or whomever else into your everyday life you should see some great results. For example, if you’re cooking ask out loud to Baron Samedi if he has suggestions or the his wife Bridgit. If you happen to get inspiration from out of no where give thanks. If you’re going for a walk, think about the Baron and listen to any whispers that may occur.

Also, I don’t know how you do with visualization but if you can imagine him regularly. or think of his Veve it could increase your connection. From there it’s just a matter of persistence and time before your ability to hear and see him.

I do hope this helps.

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@Raven_fire Hi :purple_heart:

Thank your for your answer!
Well it‘s not only an altar, I do every saturday service to him which is part of a closer connection and showing some respect. Also the candles at the gravayards…Vodou spirits are completely different in that case cause if you don‘t do that problems will come around soon.

I was wondering because I never had these problems before but maybe you are right and it needs time. This is a whole different area and although I have many years of experience with goetic and qliphotic magic it feels to start new. These energies are completely different :woman_shrugging:t2:

I will do what you wrote and hope this problem will go away. It‘s hard to communicate without comunication :joy: I feel him here, I can also smell him. But to hear or see him would be better.

kind regards!

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No problem.

That’s awesome to hear about the graveyards by the way. Great way to pay respect. I’m just starting to get into Vodou. I have worked with Papa Legba but not so much with and of the Barons or the nations. But ya, every practitioner and houngan I’ve talked to mentions the need for dedication, and respect on a much higher level that other paths.

That is great that you can feel his presence and smell him though. Some added verification at least. Do you think it would be possible to do some automatic writing with him or use a spirit board? If Baron Samedi is willing to then at least you could get some written communication in the mean time. I’ve never personally heard of a Lwa assisting in automatic writing but it might work after one of your Saturday services.

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Well I wrote this in the first post aswell but I guess it‘s clear now. I want to hear and see him so I‘ll try what you wrote before :slight_smile:

How was your experience with the Ghede?

Well I am actually stucked cause Corona destroyed many design firms and I want and need a new job as designer :woman_shrugging:t2:
On wednesday I asked Papa Legba to help a bit if possible and gave him some shiny coins and candy - also one of my bike keys.

Thank you for answering and helping by the way. I saw some Vodou experienced guys answering at other topics, sometimes it feels like a secret circle and humans don‘t wamt me in :joy::v:t2:

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I would be interested in hearing whether or not the methods work for you.

I’ve had good experiences with the Ghede. I’ve never dealt with Baron Krimminel so I can’t really speak of him. However, I’ve worked with Maman Bridgit many times and her energy always leaves me with an uplifted almost euphoric feeling. When I started trying to get in touch with Papa Legba I actually had candles that lit on there own for a few days after I’d reached out to him. There is actually a brand of rum called ‘Baron Samedi’ that is made in New Orleans. I have an unopened bottle that I keep aside.

I’m sorry to hear about your job. Are you doing freelance work in the meantime? Corona has destroyed so many industries, it’s sad. Shortly before covid became a problem I’d started a nonprofit that specializes in patient advocacy…Then the hospitals created policies that prevent personnel such as myself from seeing patients. So my board members and I had to adapt. The Ghede are creative, perhaps you’ll gain inspiration in ways to capitalize on this pandemic and come out better off. Adversely, Papa Legba may just direct you to an awesome new job. Either way, I get this strange feeling that it will work out wonderfully.

It’s no problem. I’ve far from a Houngan, but what little I know, I’m always happy to help and brainstorm.

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