Working with Bael . .

I drew the sigil of Bael, provided by Lady Eva, drawing several copies. My intention is to attune myself to the energy of Bael before evoking or invoking them.

The forces within the power of a storm have always resonated with me and I have had some small successes with rain magick, which I will share later on. Outlining my intention to become a stronger person, in control rather than ruled by addiction, I have felt great strength coursing through my being.

The day before yesterday I made a plan to quit smoking, writing down what I enjoy about smoking and what I hate about it as well as my triggers and soforth. I had thought to make a quit date some time in the next few weeks as suggested by the Quit organisation, in Australia. Today I have awoken, and I have no craving for a ciggy, whatsoever! It is a very strange feeling. I feel really amazed by this as I have been smoking for 25 years. I have a vaporiser and I don’t even feel like using this.

I can feel Bael near me and I believe he is amused by this, as if saying to me, “Just wait and see what you CAN do.”

I have been having a recurring dream for a LONG time. Like, the same dream every night, exact. My dreams in the last week have been incredible, full of adventure, not all good but they are different. It is as if a reset button has been activated inside me.

Beginning spiritual practises again is exciting. I am connecting with the tarot again, in a new and exciting way. Meditating on one card for as long as it takes until I have found my personal connection with each card is working well, for now.

There is plenty more I would like to share with you ladies and gents but I will wait until this “anchoring process” is complete. I know that this is just the start of something new and awesome, in my journey.

Thanks for the warm welcome.


How’s it going? :smiley:


I’ve had a really good week, Lady_Eva. Thanks for asking. :grin:

At some point in earlier last week I realised that I could enlist the help of every demon or angel in existence and that it could not help me if I did not have the will power or the strength to overcome my day to day problems. I have no doubt that Bael has been helping me rearrange my priorities.

Quitting cigarettes has been really easy this time.

This week has come and gone, and life has felt worth living like it hasn’t in a long time.

I love gardening and my garden has really suffered in the summer which has just passed. (due to the weather and my not tending to it.) This week I have started a new compost/worm farm as well as starting a new garden bed, in preparation for planting a bunch of poppies. Gardening enhances my practises. Growing sacred plants as well as everything in between is magick in itself.

Spending time with the tarot is something which I have been putting off for a while now. Every few years I like to shuffle the pack and spend a day or two or three with each card until I have gone through the entire pack again.


Funny, I evoked Bael today. :joy:


That looks good, probably something I could usefully do myself, if not cards (which I’m not that good with), I Ching maybe… thanks for the inspiration! :smiley:


Yeah @DutchAussie777, thanks for the inspiration!