Working with Azazel

Has anyone working with Azazel had him show up without being evoked? He has come by a couple of times so far without an evocation. When he comes he gives me the feeling that he is near and needing to speak to me right now. I noticed he tends to communicate through feelings. He steers me towards the right questions to ask. I like that he is looking out for me and comes by to help me out.


The first time he came to me he showed up without an actual evocation, at least not the way Iā€™m evoking now. I might have evoked him though without realising, using some subconscious left over techniques from my past.


After making a pact with Azazel its as if evocation is not needed. Two voices in the head, presence of energy when your attention is needed. New ideas, motivation, syncronicities. More like a permanent invocation.

Hes very caring and very patient. I do take the advice he gives. So yeah hes there without evoking.


:thinking: yeah!