Working with Apep / Apophis

Hello everyone. I was wondering if anyone here has worked with Apophis? If so, what are somethings you want people to know about him? What are some of his favorite offerings?

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I did. Apep taught me a few of his empowering rites. He is a initiator who teaches curses via puppets and dark magick of the abyss. He loves bananas and fruits and dragon’s blood incense.

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Great. I will right these things down. Im planning on working heavily with the Egyptian pantheon. Any other information you dont mind passing on?

I dont have much info but hes an incarnation of Satan so keep that in mind.

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Hes not an incarnation of satan.

Apophis existed long before the idea of satan came into being, satan is a title and the name of an angel that went by Satanael before they fell atleast in some beliefs. Apophis was considered a “brother” and enemy of Ra, a serpent of the void (which is why he and Set have a weird connection as Set is also thought to have ties to the primordial void) he is askin to being the opposite of Nun, as Nun is the Creation aspect of the Void, Apophis is the destruction aspect of it, not so much evil destruction just pure destruction without any real good or evil attachment to it.

His only connection to Satan is by means of mostly LHP absorbing him and of course religious conversions.


Yea thats what i was thinking as he was said to be a sun god before Ra but later was dethroned.

Hm? Apophis wasnt the sun no. Apophis is the void.

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Oh i suppose some of the videos i was watching about him was wrong. Multiple claimed him to be a sun god before Ra but was dethroned and casted into darkness/abyss.

Him and Ra simply serve a purpose to their pantheon, Apep is usually secluded from my experience but he’s still someone to be cautious with.

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Understandable. Any other information that you dont mind sharing about Apep?