Working with Angels

Hello Everyone ,
My native language is not English so please forgive me if I make any mistakes.

Ever since I know myself I am been working with angels I have been into many seminars
I’ve read many books
But they were all about Archangels

Yesterday I came across with a book called Angels,sigils and keys it was very interesting

I made a research and it has lead me here to sign up
My question is that
Some people owe me money, I am broke because of them right now
Tomorrow is the first day of ramadan and there will be a full moon
I want to create a sigil to fix my financial stuation what should I do ?
I Have a altar in my room, what should I offer.
I have too many information in my head but it is like a puzzle
I am not into dark energy that is why I believe my Angel tarot has been lost.

Loves From Turkey.




I think there is a group of spirits, four angels and one demon, who can work in “make forget” what you owe to someone. Maybe they can do the opposite and make others pay what they owe you?

I don’t know what kind of sigil do you want to create. May you elaborate?

If you’re working with angels ONLY, I think the angel Mahasiah has the power to “bring peace”; if this debt is the source of your distress and the payment is what would make it go away, he should be able to help with that.

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Honestly, I tried something similar, didn’t work. My advice try reaching out as intensely to whatever path your on. Something may try to contact you.

In my case, I received an offer from the path I was not on. They asked me to do something in exchange for what I wanted.

Thank you.
At least I can still ask for fortune.