Working with angels, samael?

Has anyone here worked with angels before? How was your experience and what kind of ritual setting is that?
Can they be invoked in a satanic setting with pentagram and they be invoked to work side by side with demons?

I feel that not only have I got work to do in this LHP but also the RHP. Angels were in my life when I first started LHP.

Can anyone tell me what it means to dream of calling on Metatron to save me and he came?

I guess my ultimate goal is to call upon Samael. Is he an archangel or demon, I don’t know. Has anyone worked with him?


Yes. Many of us have. I work with both demons and angels regularly.

Yes, they can.

I use EA’s Universal Circle. It is good for any spirit, but any basic circle casting will work.

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I do know that when you want to incorporate angels into a satanic work, somehow you have to overlap a satanic seal over the angel’s sigil as to not displease the demons. Is that true?

Would you teach me how to invoke angels? And what should I expect?

I have never heard of that, but it doesn’t make any sense to me. Angels and demons are not at war, and they work perfectly fine together. Some have history, like Michael and Lucifer, or Raphael and Azazel, but using an angel’s seal on its own will not displease any demons. Where did you hear that malarky?

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I heard it from someone who practices both paths. So I thought it’s true. I’m trying to plan for a really big ritual, maybe consisting more than 10 demons and I want to incorporate angels into it. I want it to succeed.

Also, I want to invoke samael together with Lilith to cause someone ill fortune. This person had no business in poking into my astral plane and was blocked by a sucubbus so he failed but not only did he tried to enter my astral plane but he undermined the work that I’ve done, undermined my growth, undermine my practices. Any tips?


10 demons? That sounds like a pretty hefty load :open_mouth:

What do you need the angels for? Surely, 10 demons would be enough?

I have never called upon Samael so I don’t have any tips, but he figures into Asenath Mason’s Qlippothic work with Lilith, from what I understand, so her books might be worth checking out.

I am not a Satanist, and I use EA’s basic ritual structure for all spirits, whether angels, demons, or elementals, because it is so versatile and doesn’t tie you into any specific current so I’m not sure if angels would disrupt the energetic matrix of a completely Satanic working or not.

Yes, maybe 10 demons might be an overkill. But I’ve always invoked quite a number of demons in a ritual work.

I understand my curses are not exactly the strongest because of my conscious. But things changed awhile back and I don’t think I’m the same anymore… there are afew that did me cry wrong and I’ve always let them slide because I don’t think I should hurt anyone. Kindness doesn’t beget kindness. I don’t think I make a weak magician, I only set limits to myself. I don’t want to limit myself anymore…

10 demons is not overkill. EA has a ritual in his book Baneful Magick that uses 9 so one more shouldn’t be too much to handle. I just wondered if, with all that power, an angel or two would really be necessary.

I work with Barakiel. Hes gucci af


If you work with Lilith you can ask her about him. She’s one of the four consorts and he is only a moments call away.

Samael is an archangel, Qlipha, the Devil, and so much more. He’s intense and no nonsense but you shouldn’t be afraid of him. As he put it, “Many fear me but there is no need to. I am a mentor and teacher to those who desire it. Do not hesitate to call on me”.


In the Ritual of 9 I mentioned, one of the spirits evoked in the curse is Samael.


I’ve used 6 demons over the course of 7 days to cause someone harm and she did lose many things she hold dear to.

But I want for it to be more than just losing things she hold dear to. I believe most magicians should learn a really good curse whether or not he or she has the needs for it.

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What’s the experience like for you and what did you summon him for?

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It was pleasant and tiring. Can’t tell you much about our workings but it has something to do with my luck


Is there an enn to invoke samael? How do I invoke him?

I evoked Raphael when I first began. Nothing special, I was literally just sitting in a meditative state on my bed. I didn’t really “feel” much but I had an intuition that he would do what I asked. I feel a lot of rise in body temperature when calling on infernal beings, I felt nothing from Raphael other than that he’d do what I asked. I just asked him to heal my spirit and break off any parasitic ties etc. I haven’t asked them to work together with demons but I’ve seen people who have worked with Marbas and Raphael on the same task for instance.


Both, He’s just like Lucifer, half demon, half angel. I evoked Him 2-3 times in the past, His presence feels calm. (yes, I worked with Him, also Samael is an entity with wich I identify myself with)

I didn’t encounter any problems, so I think the answer is yes.

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Question is should I try invoking an angel? Should I try just invoking angels first and then incorporate them into demonic rituals next time?

What are samael’s attribute?. I googled them but I just want to confirm


The poison of God


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