Working with 4 Gods of Death

I wonder if it is okay to work with the 4 Gods of Death:


And practice death magic. Do they get along? Is there a jerarchy? Or should it be approached like one at a time or a different approach.


If they’re cool with it, then I don’t see why not.

I can’t remember where I read this, but I remember someone on this forum saying that Hecate and Hades don’t get along (I could be wrong though).


Tough question. Im sure they can work together. Its just how you ask them to do it. I work with Azrael and dont involve any other specific Death Gods besides Thanatos in my workings


How is Thanatos?

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Not related to four Gods mentioned in the start message, but may be interesting for you. I had a positive experience with the Norse Godess of death Hel, the Queen of Helheim. Her help is good for curses and baneful magic. But it is reported that she doesn’t like the necromancery.


Well I would add Hel to your list, she’s really nice.
Well she can teach necromancy lol.


Thanatos is a physical embodiment of Death. More of a force of nature than a God. I dont generally work with him but I have a fantastic relationship with one of his Sons. I will say though, both are rather quiet and they speak like youd expect an ancient Greek ascendant to speak. But they are really reliable


I have only worked with Hecate and Hades in the past.

And in my perspective, Hades and Hecate don’t get on really well because, to me at least, Hecate shows kind of an aspect of the Reality that is really similar to the Persephone one, BUT with a different approach.

It is like having 2 twins going through the same (very similar) experiences in life, but they two have different approaches and personalities to it. Therefore, Hades is not really fond of Hecate, as he feels insulted by her (as you would do to a deity/entity that is known for the same concepts as her, but with a different view or approach). And this is reciprocal.

The comparison of similarities would be comparable to the figure of Satan or Lucifer but without the cut and the thrust, with much more inherent issues and hints that are too specific to write into a post. To give an example of these issues, Hecate doesn’t like the fact that Persephone is both “Spring/Entity of Pureness and nature” but also, on the other side and much later on, “The Queen of the Underworld” just because another entity (Hades) showed her the “Dark Side”. Hecate is much more fond of a “dark side of the feminine energy”. She does not believe in a “masculine energy” needing to show the darkness of the night to a woman (child of the moon). Hecate associates the women period with the dark side of the humanity, the night, the unknown… and well, Persephone just gets to rule that dark force after developing an Stockholm syndrome.

Entities are aware of their mythos being a metaphor, but still, the small touches that they teach can gravely affect how they perceive each other.

Conclusion: If you want to work with Hades, I would rather choose the dark side/ancient side of Persephone, instead of working with Hecate. Or you could work with Hecate but not with Hades.

It is up to you.


As I entered the art of necromancy.

I delved into heavily, working with Hades, Hel, Baron Samedi, The Ghede, The Reaper, Akasha Subterfuge, Azrael and quite a few more.

None come close to Az Jahi the actual power of this goddess of death, darkness, destruction and the blood moon is incredible.

Working with her, Astwihad and The Druj Nasu, creates a powerful group of necromantic synergy.

Designed to elevate the necromancer beyond what they considered possible in their ascent.


Hiya OP! Categorizing these four beings as ‘the’ death gods is a mistake, because death is a vast and deep field of magic- there’s lots of ways to specialize in it! If your intention is to get a database of knowledge in this current, I’d recommend expanding the plan into 8 deities, and substitute Eurynomous for Ereshkigal, and add Thanatos, Tartarus, Lilith, and Supay. It’s a pretty diverse bunch, but gets you exposure in diseases, manipulations, psychopompic work, binding/time work, creation and evolution, and disintegration/burning up/alchemy. Good luck! :slight_smile: