Working through the Vedic Astrology Deck by Jeffrey Armstrong

This place will be my journal for my workings with the Vedic Astrology Deck by Jeffrey Armstrong :slight_smile:

The deck comes with 44 cards and a guidebook that is filled with homework and meditation prompts. I will use my own vedic birth chart to examine this card deck and to gain old or new insights on the old adage “Why am I like this?” and to learn one or two things about vedic astrology in a playful way.

I plan on doing these meditations every other day.
My first step: meditating on the big three “Ascendant” (Sagittarius), “Sun” (Leo) and “Moon” (Aquarius). They have a whole lot of different traits than my tropical signs; since I have found vedic astrology to be more correct in terms of what has happened so far in my life than western astrology I will roll with the foreign idea of these three signs as my main stats.

Thanks to @mth_yesco for inspiring my interest for vedic astrology :sunglasses: Your readings explained a lot in hindsight and I will look at them to compare them with my findings during these exercises :muscle:


Chapter One - Meditations on the three core components of the chart

Todays meditation

Ascendant - The physical body: Sagittarius

Homework from this chapter:

Imagine that your body is a chariot. Your senses -smell, taste, sight, touch and hearing- are five horses pulling the chariot. Your mind can be viewed as the reins that connect to the horses (senses) and control them through thought. The driver of this chariot is your intellect, or discerning ability, and the passenger riding in the car is you, the eternal atma or soul. Death occurs through changing chariots.

Considering the key words from the card my physical body has some sort of main character syndrome. I try to focus on if my physical body perceives and reacts to this world through the lenses of those key words. I simply can not find the fire inside of this perception of mine.
Lets see.

  • Philosophical? That would certainly be the case, I just can’t fucking help it.
  • Idealistic? Eh. My body perceives and reacts to this world not through the idealistic looking glass but through utter fatalism most of the time. At least it has made me funny.
  • Enthusiastic? Yeah, no. I’d throw a tantrum over having to wear attire that matches the weather or over having to go out in general, if it was socially acceptable.
  • Honest? Unfiltered. I perceive this world almost unfiltered with this body.
  • Learned? Are you calling my physical body a nerd? But yeah, one of my key responses to my environment: research.
  • Impulsive? Fidgety. Nervous because of trauma. Knee jerk reactions towards feelings and thoughts that ended in addiction.
  • Playful? I don’t think so.
  • Crusader? I don’t downright campaign for or against something. If something sits wrong with me I find out what I can do about it.
  • Passionate? See “Enthusiastic” and “Playful” for reference. I can be passionate about the settings of my drivers seat, though.

Physically I don’t align with the cards suggestions for this sign at all. The fire isn’t there, I am literally cold the entire time since I can think. Points of reaction and activity stem from some sort of overwhelmed or overworked perception.


Todays meditation:

Moon - Mind and emotions: Aquarius

Homework from this chapter:

Meditate upon your true self as the consciousness that pervades both your body and mind. Center yourself in that awareness, realizing that your soul is eternal and cannot die.

Unlike my session with the ascendant sign yesterday I had no problems to slide into this meditation. I was not in any kind of conflict or perceived negativity over the key words presented on the card to me. Apparently I am more in tune with the mind/emotion aspect of myself than with the consciousness and response settings of my physical body. A part of me is wondering if it could stem from the “death occurs through changing chariots” notion that is placed on the ascendants role, opposing the “eternal soul” role of the moon sign. Maybe this moon sign consciousness is simply a much older and more experienced part of me, its conflicts resolved for a long time already. It feels like the “crone” aspect of this threefold zodiac.

  • Scientific? Yes, I would think that my mind is looking at things from a point of science first.
  • Visionary? points vaguely at everything I am doing
  • Humane? Yesn’t. I am working on that. My mind wanders more often than not into the opposite direction.
  • Factual? I always try to consider objectives first, even in emotionally charged debates.
  • Intellectual? Sounds kinna lofty.
  • Democratic? While some tend to differ on that because apparently I do my best to come off as aloof: I try my best to consider different points of view, different needs from my own and different emotional reactions towards subject XY in my mind, before drawing and presenting conclusions.
  • Eccentric? Eh, why the fuck not.
  • Global? Whatever thats supposed to mean from a mind/emotion/soul point of view.
  • Misunderstood? Most of the time. Although I could probably put more effort into explaining my thought process or my emotional response to something.

Cool. So there are still “Maiden” and “Mother” left, that I need to put as a label onto the other two. I will examine Leo and will decide from that experience.


Thanks @A_Pariah i am very glad my posts inspired you. :muscle:t3::muscle:t3: very interesting topic you opened


Todays meditation:

Sun - Core self - Leo

Getting through these three main aspects - Ascendant, Moon and Sun- feels like pulling teeth, to be honest. I can’t wait to smash them into the tiniest and most detailed aspects that will come later, giving myself a more nuanced experience than “Lol, Libras are like XY and Capricorns are like XY”.

So, Leo. Lets get it over with.
Homework from this chapter:

Meditate upon the Sun as the soul (atma) of our solar system. Just as your own soul lights your body and mind with consciousness, so the Suns light gives life to everything. That light is the controller of life and the basis of Vedic astrology

Similar to my Ascendant meditation I cringe when bringing the points of that card into my mind. It doesn’t feel like the concept that I have about myself. I try to imagine how this Leo soul shines upon my mind and my physical experience (which makes it already seemingly not compatible with moon Aquarius in my eyes).

  • Magnetic? Nope.
  • Dignified? I try my best in terms of not being an all too obvious idiot or jerk, but…
  • Ambitious? Maybe only since very few years, since I knew I was allowed to have ambitions.
  • Loyal? Pretty much to a fault.
  • Entertaining? You better don’t hope to have me as your company in an elevator thats been stuck for hours, my friend.
  • Tolerant? I have to put a lot of work into that aspect.
  • Forgiving? Nah. While I don’t hold grudges any longer, I don’t plan on rebuild burned bridges either.
  • Orthodox? Also no.
  • Warm-hearted? I have my moments but I wouldn’t sell it as how I am.

It seems as if this Leo sun was shining its light merrily onto anything but my mental and physical experience in this world :sweat_smile: So, with that out of the way I can finally move on to the elemental meditations, soon. My natal chart is dominated by Fire and Air ( :smiling_face_with_tear: ) and taking a closer look at some physical aspects in my life it seems about right already.