Working Through Aspects of Mental Illness/Health with Spirits

I am wondering if anyone has had luck with using magick to improve aspects of their mental health, and if so what they did? I am most comfortable with petitions but want to branch out too.

Personally I tend to fixate on people and scenarios and have a really high baseline level of anxiety, there’s more too but those are the thought patterns most present for me. Some of this comes from past experiences I’ve had which continue to affect me but also at a baseline level I am just an anxious person and always have been. All of this taken up so much mental space over the years and I wonder what could of been accomplished with that time.

To give background: I have gotten professional help for this and worked through it in various ways. I even began shadow work about 2 years ago as I began to take spirituality more seriously. I have different coping strategies too, which are sometimes useful and sometimes not.


I do struggle with anxiety on the daily, along with ADHD and depression. The depression has gotten better but it’s still there. Personally, I rely on my guides and spirits I’m working when things get a bit too rough-specifically Hades. He helps me calm down and ground myself and cry my heart out if I can’t do it in the physical. I have started shadow work as well and it does help, but it hasn’t really gone away.

For me Hades helps me ground, Lucifer encourages me to take breaks and helps me gain strength, and my guides help me process it all and get back on my feet.

All things aside, I’m glad you got help :purple_heart:

Edit: Magick has helped me handle it.


For me I found spirits to be a great form of comfort when dealing with issues like anxiety. Heck Aphrodite is always there when I look down on myself.

You might wanna spend more time in the Sun and around plants. Barefoot if you can.

I highly recommend this:


How do you like to go about working or contacting them about these things?


When I started with them I meditated once a month, then once a week to daily now. We’ve established the best mode of communication during those meditations. I sometimes feel them, sometimes it’s telepathy, but mostly it is mirror/angel numbers or YouTube videos which draw me towards it.

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Hi all,

I’m no expert, but have found that the lower you go in your Spiritual work,
the healthier you become.

For me this means, focusing on the two lowest Chakras: the Earth one and the reproductive one.

Between those Chakras there are also minor connective Energy centers, like the knees, heeps.

Basically, what I have found is the more Spiritual your Body becomes,
the easier Life becomes, because for me it’s just a Game: the more you play,
the more Experience you gain, the Smarter You become…

Does this make Sense?
What do you Guys say?

I’ve been able to heal from some traumas using magick and with the help of different spiritual beings. It did take some time for me to really grieve like a MF but I’m stronger now for it. I can think back of events without being hard-core triggered by it and feeling like I am back in the past. It’s not an easy process but spiritual support can help you walk through very dark stuff.