Working polygrams

Most of us know the Lesser Pentagram Ritual, some up to Star Ruby and such.

However, it seems to me odd that at a Malkuth level/Earth grade, we dont use a dodecagram and instead an invoking or banishing earth LRP/GRP.
Then at Luna/Air grade, we dont use an enneagram. Hod/water we dont use an Octagram, At Fire/Netzach no Heptagram Etc.

What is the issue in using these advanced polygram rtituals?

I believe it was said by Crowley in one of his works that if an initiate thinks that the LIRP and LBRP are used to banish, then they are not ready to move up. The purpose of the LIRP and LBRP are to strengthen the Magician’s energy body, so that when then perform the Middle Pillar Ritual (After 6 months of practicing the LIRP and LBRP daily) they are better able to handle the immense amount of energy in their body.


that makes sense

And actually answer something i was thinking. lol
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