Working on vodou

So yesterday before I asked met kulfu to show himself when I was practicing dance a young man with a black top hat bowed politely out of the corner of my eye.

Ps this is going to be my journal


That’s awesome! Did you invite Papa Legba to open the gates and have Kalfou come through or did you just dive in and invite him yourself?

I invited both to initiate me last night I’m a already getting put on going very deep

Hell yea man, I’ve recently been drawn into the Vodoun Current very intensely, I’m just starting but feel super drawn to Kalfou, he seems like my kinda guy!

He’s the evil twin of legaba

That’s what I’ve heard and I can’t figure out if he’s like a darker aspect of Legba, or a completely different Loa all together, most see him as a separate Loa but then when you read about him, it’s all like “The Dark Version of Legba that opens the gates of Hell” lol.

Both they rule over the same thing their twins of the same coin

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So repeating papa luga name seems to summon him

Did you mean Papa Legba? Never heard of Luga before.

Sorry he doesn’t want me to overload myself right so when that happens I never can remember his name

Gotcha, yea calling his name out loud seems to get his attention pretty well haha. One of the first times I called on him, he showed up and I started trying to have a dialogue with him by “talking to him in my head” sort of, he told me to speak out loud like I would talk to a friend just standing there.


That’s what all spirits have me do it gets annoying when I’m doing something else

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Papa says

Q. Dous baron saminti love kids

A yes he will protect The kids like crazy you might as well be dead hurting a kid blessed by him

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Any one had papa legbas veve take on a heartbeat

To be honest, I haven’t been working with the Vodoun current for very long. With what little experience I’ve had with the Loa, I haven’t had that happen yet… But, I did call Legba one time and he presented me with an offer, at the time I wasn’t ready to take him up on it so I declined, he got sort of frustrated and when I went back inside my house, the house was literally infested with ants. My whole house had been swarmed and I NEVER have bug problems lol. I took it as a sign to not dishonor the wishes of the Loa.

Their very close to earth and more bound to it

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Dancing for Baron sadminti tonight I’ll tell you how it gois

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Nothing exiting during the dance I’m tired though and I still have a 4 year old to put to sleep

Baron showed up I walked into a a room in the middle was a very tall shadow in a suit and top hat and all the light were first time with a shadow man

In your chants to papa legba here how to chant it

Pa-pa- lug-ba

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