Work with the old ones

I sort of see spiritual work like various generations of pharmaceuticals.

The older the tech, sigils, spirits, etc the more powerful it is.

Same with pharmacology in a lot of regards. New stuff like SSRI’s are notorious for being less effective but it’s safe enough doctors over prescribe it like candy if precautions are taken

If you step back a generation and try a tricyclic antidepressant they’re usually life changing in more way than one. Side effects abound yet the desired effects will give a chemically induced sense of alchemy like a subtle sustainable recreational drug. Like a mild 24/7 mdma rush when in sweet spot

Then go back even further and you get MAOI’s. These are extremely dangerous unless you are very mindful with them. The most hopeless situations correct towards unstoppable winning when people go on Nardil but take the wrong party drug or even eat too much pastrami and you can die. Actually die. From one screw up. Like eating aged cheese.

Going back to work with old gods resembles this a bit (the Daedra would be either a “gen 1 or 2” type of dealing, dangerous yet damn powerful. Enochian angels and Divs are definitely Gen 1 in this metaphor)

Simply the more powerful it is the more it can hurt you. Unless you put a modern twist on it. Like a supercharged 1000cc motorcycle with a Tesla autopilot that keeps you out of dangerous situations and corrects traction, braking and lean angle before you know you screwed up

The best rituals involve a mix of the old with the new. Use chaos magick (limited by your imagination. You can engineer anything) with a mix of the old ones and your treatment resistant problem will likely correct …as reality gets truly weird

Old with new, try it


Spirits is as powerful as much they get to use their power.

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Have you, worked with any of them and, gotten substantial results?

Absolutely, just be prepared for a massive grenade like approach when all that may be needed is shot placement with a .22LR.

I’ve come to view magick from an engineering perspective. They can turn a life upside down and it’s often harsh but the wisdom from the experience is worth it