Work with Haniel for quick relation problems solving


Would like to present to your attention a short self-modified ritual for simmoning Archangel Haniel in addition to resolving problems in relationships of any kind, including marriage ones. It’s quick and really “magickal”. My husband suddenly “forgot” all the problems at once and other people started to behave as nothing ever happened.

I worked with Dantalion for the same issues, it works in a similar way but for a time frame, after a month or two the issues can be mentioned or appear again.

So, this is it:

It was a day time, I hadn’t time to wait and prepare, so kept it simple and through a well known practices:

  1. Light a purple or white candle, I used both, two different times
  2. Offered some sweets (despite that Archangels don’t expect any, I always give them something as appreciation and a sign for a good will).
    - Fine milk chocolate
    - Luxuries chocolate candies
    - A glass of milk
    - A rose wine
    - A rose water
    - Chocolate milk
    - Light an incense I used aroma sticks “Rain Forest”
  3. Draw a sigil just for easier call
  4. Create a quick “prayer” in which explained exactly what I want. It’s possible to modify an existing one
    or take something already written for another Archangel. Just need to be said honestly and from the bottom of your heart, with the real feel. Repeat it 7 times.
  5. Started to summon Archangel Haniel as it’s written in other posts here, for other Archangels.

Felt very light, nice and optimistic presence, I felt immediately hope, warm feelings and instant relief, I felt loved, almost to tears, secure and the sunlight in the room started to shine brighter, in almost white shades. I felt the Archangel as woman, very pinky-purple shine. Told her all my problems and just ask to help me from the bottom of my heart and that was all. She didn’t said anything.

Than closed the sigil, left the candle burning to its end and all the offers left 24 hours, than threw it in the roots of an acacia tree.

Results: Right after the ritual almost immediately my husband started acting as nothing has ever happened, everything became fine and good as I expected to be. All other people which I wanted to avoid strikes also adopted the same behavior. So far everything is great, so I also want to to express my deep gratitude to Archangel Haniel.