Work with Cthulhu

Have you ever worked with the old ones?
They are your greatest fears, I have been with angels, demons, jinns and Divs for years, but none of them reach the power of the ancients, he is one of them, their high priest, the god of war.
Working with him is different, he loves challenges. I work with him on Tuesdays and he has given me a different perspective on everything, in fact he is very similar to Lucifer and Belial, he is completely insensitive To anything, he told me that emotions are chains and you must let go, he said the world is eternal and you can not destroy it, do not be afraid to destroy you can not destroy the world you just destroy the speed of synthesis You get faster. when you kill someone, you just push them from one life to another, you can never break the cycle…

If you really ask him, he will come to your dreams and take you to the city R’lyeh below the Atlantic Ocean and teach you whatever you want.

sigil of cthulhu

He can help in anything, but from personal experience I say he and his children are bored and hate weakness, if you show weakness they go away, feelings are a form of weakness.
“Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh Wgah’nagl fhtan.”

Facing south:

Ye Incantation O Thou that lieth dead but ever dreamed,Hear me O mighty Cthulhu! 'Hear me Lord of Dreams! In Thy tower at
R’lyeh They have sealed ye, but Kingdom shall rise once more.
Ia kutulu (hill Cthulhu)


Is there a book you recommend ?

Cthulu is a badass

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If you want to work with old ones, be sure to read this;
Grimoire of the necronomicon _Donald tyson

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