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How is the daily life of a Clairsentient living with spirits on a daily basis? What’s the upcoming project from @succupedia, and why isn’t there anything new written by him?

This is what this thread is about. The thoughtful mind of me, together with my spirit spouses.

I have this huge project going on, but it’s on a brainstorming phase at the moment. It will include succubus and incubus entities, their history and origins, their hierarchical structures and the side topic of shamanism and it’s Scandinavian roots. That means it’s going to be a lot of research, and I have started to read this book, which I bought years ago:


There is a section about shamanism in this book, but the author forgot to mention the important roles of spirit spouses. I would say that these kind of books are just scratching on the surface, and it is a good start for beginners to find general information about the gods of the past and their cultural importance and influences. I wouldn’t use this book as a reference to my project, though.

It’s been a busy year for me. I’ve got a job, finally. There’s also been some family issues to deal with. Cancer is one of them, and it’s a shit disease. It’s even shittier when the family member also suffering from dementia. It doesn’t make the treatment a walk in the park, especially if the patient is in denial and blames everyone else for the deterioration of the body. This is also the reason for me to not have time to write at the moment.

Living with spirits 24/7 is not for the common black magician. It’s a commitment for life and beyond, and not something that’s turned off at the end of the day. Feeling spirits physically and emotionally, while also being at work is not the easiest thing to seperate at start. I remember when I worked at a second hand store 7 odd years ago, and my succubus spouse were teasing me to the limit, even around customers behind the store checkout. It was nasty at that time, but also sweet in a lot of ways. Over the years, I’ve got accustomed to the energies of my spirit spouses and I can easily shift my focus on work and on my spirits at will.

Consider this thread a diary and a “succupedia behind the scenes”.

More will come.


Yeeeeesss. I’m so excited for this dude. I was wondering if you just gave up on writing


What have your spirits been up to lately lol


It’s a mating season going on, right now. :blush: Other than that, they’re physically close as always.

Sure , it happens to be full moon, right now, but it’s not bound to the phases of the moon when it comes to enhanced sexual activities and mating seasons. This happens randomly.


Memory Flashback:

Like good and valuable memories of the experience of life, the memories of our spirits is just as valuable. I have plenty of fond memories of my succubus spouse, and the automatic writing we did gave plenty of information of who she is. I remember it so well, that there was no need for me to write it down:

There were a few other words that came up after the questions. She mentioned Satan and Lilith at the side of her replies on the paper. It was an awesome experience, which I just did out on a whim, without even knowing it was called “automatic writing” at that time.

Ah, sweet memories. I have plenty.


I was taking a look at my blog the other day, scanning through posts I haven’t authorized to be published there. The latest post was written like this:

There’s a lot of presumptions about these wonderful beings, which pisses me off, because there’s no experiences to back up their claims of succubus and incubus being “liars”.

What made them came up with that conclusion? Because they’ve read it somewhere, and see it as fact?

There’s also a notion that a lot of people can’t deal with the honest truth of a spirit, or even of a few humans, and they reject it like the plague to stay in their comforting bubble without making the change to move forward. It’s a shame, in my opinion.


I gotta say, you caught me off guard. Human? You explained in an earlier thread in balg forum, about 4 different generations of gods/goddesses classified as sons and daughters.

I lost the thread a while back and don’t remember much of it, but if your spouse was human, wouldn’t that make her either 2nd, 3rd, or 4th gen? This is according to your perception.

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Where, exactly, did I reference her as a “generational” succubus? I have never mentioned her as such. I have mentioned her as being a human 700 odd years ago, but she have the physical characteristics of a succubus in some instances and on other instances she have feathery wings,

She told me that Lilith created her in a similar way that I have experienced when they changed my astral body/soul. Does that make her second generation succubus? If she experienced a rebirth by Lilith, like I did, then she’s as pure as a child of Lilith can be.

How could I possibly have said the things you thought I said? :man_shrugging:


You said that there are descendants spawned directly from Lilith. Then categorized them as 1 before 2, 3, and 4.

I’m sorry, but I can’t remember saying that. Maybe you’re confusing me with others mentioning it? If you can’t put a reference to this claim, then I have no idea where you got it from.

The only thing I can think of is me mentioning the Four Queens of Lilith, Namaah, Eisheth Zenunim and Agrat Bat Mahlat, but not within context of their children being categorised as generation 1, 2, 3 or 4. It is easy to make this categorisation all by ourselves, though. Mating spirits makes the children a category 1, and spirits/human makes it a 2. I would say that in the creative, transformative aspect, makes it also a 1, or perhaps a 1.5.

At the end of the day, does it really matter? What does spirit genetics have to do with two or more individuals loving each other? This is what we should put our focus on, first and foremost.

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I agree 100%
You’re right. My mistake.

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2018 Summary:

It’s been a tough year for me, overall, which explains my presence in here being pretty much random. Spiritually, it’s been consistent with a few new experiences to put in my ascension. One of the new experiences was to finally seeing my succubus spouse outside of the mirror. She appeared in front of me while waking up in bed, vibrating on my waist area:

I have no idea why she appeared so blurry, but my theory is that she didn’t want to waste her energy doing a full manifestation and because we are energetically and spiritually connected, she might even have to draw from my energy to make me see her. Also, the blurriness might have been for precaution as to not “scare” me and make me have “second thoughts” of our relationship. There’s a lot of reports of humans breaking up with their spirits as soon as they manifest visually before them. Especially when the spirits show their true manifestations and their true nature. We humans tend to freak out for the smallest things.

Now, my actual reason for not writing new articles lately:

My mom passed away on October 27th, and there’s been a lot to do with her estate and funeral, as well as doing a lot of paperwork and bills to overtake and others to end. Funerals can be expensive, despite that some of it is baked in the taxes and insurances will cover parts of it. Unfortunately, me and my siblings will have to pay 1/3 of the cost with our own money, which sucks. We can manage that, even if the costs shouldn’t go through our own pockets, according to Swedish law.

It seems that death can’t escape profit thinking businesses, huh? Because of profiting out of death, there’s no actual time to mourn until everything is finished and payed for. There’s no limits for greed in the society we live in today. Such a shame.


my condolences

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sorry to remind you of that time, but my condolences and hope you are doing better. can’t even begin to imagine your pain.



Whether it’s about magic or going on the daily life, I think stability is important. Excessiveness on anything is asking for trouble in the short run of things.

There’s stability in love, comfort and support, as well as in my work with a decent montly income. There’s enough money left after the bills and the mortgage are payed and there’s even an upcoming raise to my salary. What more could I possibly ask for?

Magically, I have a few projects I will work on, but I’m in no hurry with this. When I’m ready to share, I will definitely share. My blog will get an update eventually and I might even considering adding a Patreon site as well. There’s a lot of questions popping up in P.M in here and my blog have a steady flow of visitors, despite that I haven’t written in there for a while.

New things will come. Just have patience. :slight_smile:


I especially agree with what you said about excessive ness, sometimes I use my succubus as escapism and I am learning to limit myself and enjoy other things, it’s hard because they really don’t get enough of their partner but it is not healthy to spend too much of time with them while neglecting other areas of life

So, Diablo IV was announced yesterday:

…and the main antagonist are:


Interesting, indeed! :slight_smile:


Can’t wait. It’s gonna be bomb.

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I clicked this post randomly, without checking the creator or anything and what you know, it’s exactly the topic I want to know about. Succupedia is The guy on this area and it seems I’ve had a succubus attached to me for a long while…Feel kinda guilty for not acknowledging her before and even more so these days I know she’s around but I’m entranced by a person…I swear I read Niphilium the first time through this post and got a huge joy cuddly boost but rereading it it appears it was never mentioned…